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Work and Learn: Part-Time Studies

Coming back to school part-time is a rewarding challenge. Many of our degrees, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, can be completed part-time.

We offer a wide variety of in-class and online course offerings throughout the year, including the spring and summer terms, so you can work towards your degree year-round. Depending on your program, you can take both in-class and online courses to complete your degree.

We recommend that you contact the advisor of your program of interest to find out whether or not the program you are interested in is available on a part-time basis.

Part-Time Application Procedures

If you are applying to more than one university, you should apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), following the regular application process and using the appropriate 105 application form on OUAC. You can indicate on your application that you are applying for part-time studies.

If you are applying to Laurier only, we have a separate part-time application process. You should use Laurier's part-time application form if you are only applying to Laurier and are a/an:

  • Mature student;
  • Senior citizen;
  • Individual seeking personal or professional upgrading;
  • Degree-seeking applicant wishing to study part-time; 
  • Laurier staff member; or
  • Audit student.


If you have questions about how your individual circumstances might impact the application process, contact and we will be happy to assist you.

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Online Courses

Online Learning courses allow for flexibility in your schedule. With more than 100 online courses to choose from, you’re sure to find something of interest while meeting your degree requirements.

Auditing Courses

Audit students are students who attend Laurier classes without receiving academic credit. This is also referred to as auditing a course. As an audit student, you won’t write midterm or final exams and your class participation will be determined by the course instructor. You must also receive permission from the course instructor before you can take the course as an audit student.

Auditing Courses as a New Laurier Student

If you have never attended Laurier, you can still attend as an audit student, but you will need to apply as a part-time student and receive an offer of admission. Applying as a part-time student is required of all applicants who want to attend Laurier as an audit student, including mature students and senior citizens.

Note: If you are a current Laurier student or have attended Laurier in the past and would like to audit a course, review the steps for auditing courses as a Laurier student.

Your Next Steps After Applying

  1. Once you receive an offer of admission, follow the steps detailed in your offer to accept your offer of admission.
  2. Activate your myLaurier email account. This email is used for all official communication from Laurier, so be sure to check it regularly. You will also need to use this account to communicate with your instructors.
  3. Once you are admitted to Laurier, you can start planning which courses you would like to take as an audit student. You can use Laurier’s Browse Classes feature in LORIS to view course availability by term. With this tool, you’ll also be able to see course descriptions, exclusions, restrictions and prerequisites that you need to be aware of prior to registering, as well as information on class space, location and waitlists. You will also be able to find the name and email address of the instructor, which you will use to request permission to audit the course. Create a short list of courses and make note of the instructor's contact information, as you will need it in step 4.
  4. For each course you would like to audit, you will need to request permission from the instructor. Use your myLaurier account to contact the instructor. If they grant permission to audit the course, complete the Audit Request Form. Please be aware that permission to audit the course is at the discretion of the instructor and is not guaranteed. Similarly, permission to audit does not guarantee enrolment if the course is full or has an active waitlist.
  5. Pay your invoice. The first fee due date for each term typically happens during the first week of the start of the term.


If you still have questions about attending Laurier as an audit student, review our frequently asked questions about auditing or contact us at Service Laurier.