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International Tuition Estimates

All tuition fees below are listed in Canadian dollars and are based on 2023/24 international tuition fees. Tuition fees are subject to increase for 2024.

International Tuition Guarantee

Tuition rates are set each year for new, incoming international students. Once admitted, tuition rates for continuing international students will increase by no more than 5% between years of study. These are the estimated expenses for two terms: the fall term from September to December and the winter term from January to April. To come up with a realistic estimate, you can research your expenses using the following tables:

Tuition by Faculty

Estimated Tuition By Faculty


Estimated Tuition for Two Terms

Arts, Human and Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, Martin Luther University College, Music, Social Work


Lazaridis School

  • BBA
  • BBA (Laurier) and Computer Science (Laurier) double degree
  • BBA (Laurier) and Financial Mathematics (Laurier) double degree
  • Business Technology Management


Lazaridis School

  • BBA (Laurier) and Computer Science (University of Waterloo) double degree

Lazaridis School

  • BBA (Laurier) and Mathematics (University of Waterloo) double degree

Lazaridis School

  • Economics (all programs)


  • Computer Science
  • Data Science



  • All other programs


Additional Student Fees

Here are the fees to consider in addition to tuition when budgeting for your studies at Laurier. All costs listed are for two terms.

Payment of Fees

You will pay half your fees in August for the first term, and the other half in December for the second term. You have a four-month summer break from May to August where you are allowed to stay in Canada and work full-time or return to your home country.

Note: For a full breakdown of tuition fees and incidental fees by program, as well as information on how to understand your tuition invoice, visit our Tuition and Fees page.


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