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International Tuition Estimates

All tuition fees below are listed in Canadian dollars and show the estimates for the 2024/25 academic year. 

International Tuition Increase for 2024/25

First-year international undergraduate tuition for 2024/25 will increase by 3% over the 2023/24 international undergraduate tuition fees, except for the following programs:

  • Tuition for all Economics programs will increase by 5%.
  • Tuition for Business Administration (BBA), Business Technology Management (BBTM) and Laurier double degrees will not increase for 2024/25.

International Tuition Guarantee

Tuition rates are set each year for new, incoming international students. Once admitted, tuition rates for continuing international students will increase by no more than 5% between years of study*.

* Students that change their undergraduate program duing their studies will be subject to the tuition fees for their new program, which may exceed a 5% increase.

Tuition by Faculty

These are the estimated expenses for two terms: the fall term from September to December and the winter term from January to April. The tuition estimates are based on students being registered in a full-time course load, which is 5 half-credit courses per term (or 2.5 credits per term).

To come up with a realistic estimate, you can research your expenses using the following tables:

Estimated Tuition By Faculty


2023/24 Tuition for Two Terms

2024/25 Tuition for Two Terms
(Effective May 1, 2024)

Arts, Human and Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, Martin Luther University College, Music, Social Work



Lazaridis School

  • BBA
  • Business Technology Management
  • BBA (Laurier) and Computer Science (Laurier) double degree
  • BBA (Laurier) and Financial Mathematics (Laurier) double degree



Lazaridis School

  • BBA (Laurier) and Computer Science (University of Waterloo) double degree
$66,518 $68,510

Lazaridis School

  • BBA (Laurier) and Mathematics (University of Waterloo) double degree
$55,700 $57,368

Lazaridis School

  • Economics (all programs)
 $33,787 $35,478


  • Computer Science
  • Data Science




  • All other programs



Additional Student Fees

Here are additional estimated fees to consider in addition to tuition when budgeting for your studies at Laurier. All costs listed are estimates for two terms for the 2023/24 academic year. These fees are subject to change and have not been updated yet for the 2024/25 academic year.

Planning ahead for the 2024/25 academic year?

Many programs are still open for fall 2024. Log in to OUAC to see what programs are still available and apply now!

Applications for winter 2025 are now open, apply now!

If you're ready to accept your offer, check out our scholarship opportunities and financial supports below.


Financial Support

Payment of Fees

Winter due dates: Tuition fees are assessed the week of December 6, 2024 for the winter term, and are due January 6, 2025Make sure you pay your tuition and fees so that they are received and applied to your LORIS account by the due date to avoid late fees.

Fall due dates: You will pay half your fees in August for the first term, and the other half in December for the second term. You have a four-month summer break from May to August where you are allowed to stay in Canada and work full-time or return to your home country.

Note: For a full breakdown of tuition fees and incidental fees by program, as well as information on how to understand your tuition invoice, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Tuition Deposit

You are also required to pay a tuition deposit of $2,000 CAD within two weeks of accepting your offer.

If you also require a provincial attestation letter (PAL), we will initiate the PAL request on your behalf once your tuition deposit has been processed.

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