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2+2 Agreements: Environment-related Diplomas from Fleming College

Laurier and Fleming College have partnered to develop an articulation that aims to grant admission into Laurier’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Environmental Studies program to students who have successfully graduated from select diploma programs at Fleming College. Graduates of Fleming’s two-year Environmental Technician, Ecosystem Management, or Fish and Wildlife Technician diploma programs are eligible to be considered for this unique agreement, provided they graduate with an overall average of 70%.

This articulation is a 2+2 agreement, meaning successful participants will transfer in with two years of college education and complete their university degree in only two additional years of study at Laurier.

Throughout your Environmental Studies degree, you will take courses in topics such as sustainability, environmental impact assessments, field surveying and spatial analysis. Once you have accepted your offer, please consult Academic Advising and our Course Registration Guide to determine the specific courses you'll need to take during your time at Laurier.

Awarding of Transfer Credits 

Below comprises of a list of transfer credits you will receive in your offer letter if you are admitted into this specific pathway:

Pursuing an “In Combination” Degree

Transfer students also have the option of completing a degree in Environmental Studies in combination with another honours BA program. This secondary major can be declared at the end of your first year at Laurier. The details of this combined degree and its unique requirements should be discussed with an academic advisor prior to registering for courses.

Pursuing a Management Option

As a transfer student, you can also apply to add a Management Option (offered by the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics) to your honours BA degree. You can apply to this option on your initial application to transfer into Laurier’s Faculty of Arts. Throughout the management option, you will take courses in topics such as business environment, financial accounting, marketing management and human resource management.

Details of this option and its eligibility requirements (including minimum grades for course progression) should be discussed with an academic advisor.

Learn More About Transferring to Laurier

If you have additional questions about your transition to Laurier, financial aid for transfer students or transfer credit evaluation, visit our transfer students website. If you are interested in transferring into this program with an academic history different than what is outlined above, apply using the undergraduate application form and your transfer credits will be assessed on an individual basis and reported to you, along with your offer letter, upon admission to Laurier.

Note: Not all program requirements are reflected in these pathway descriptions. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all academic program and course requirements have been met. Refer to regulations in the academic calendar and connect with an academic advisor once you have accepted your offer.