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Explore the World

Imagine living within view of the Eiffel Tower, waking up to the sound of the surf in Australia or sampling a warm bowl of traditional menudo in Mexico, all while working towards your degree from Laurier. Or, starting in first year, participate in on-campus intercultural programming and leverage your Laurier experience to learn about the world around you.

Laurier International encourages, promotes and seeks opportunities for you to effectively pursue your interests and career in a globalized world and enhance your international and intercultural competencies. 

Be a #HawkAbroad

Enrich your Laurier experience by going on an exchange, or by taking part in one of many other opportunities to go abroad.

Experience the World at Laurier

Laurier offers initiatives for you to broaden your horizons right as home, such as the Intercultural Certificate, International Education Week and the Tandem Language Program.

Experience Canada on an Incoming Exchange

We love welcoming incoming exchange students and offer plenty of support for international students to help you have a great academic and Canadian experience.

University Partnerships

Laurier has exchange partnerships with more than 70 universities in 25 countries.

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International at Home