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Connect with Your Peers

Building on a career. Taking care of a home. Balancing a budget. Maintaining a relationship. Raising a family. Learning new study skills. One thing most Laurier transfer students love is a chance to connect with other students in a similar season of life who understand the joys and trials of school-life balance. Through our Laurier Off-Campus University Students (LOCUS) community, you can be matched with one or more peers and together stay motivated, engaged and healthy as you complete your degree.

Financial Aid for Your Degree

From in-course scholarships, to bursaries and loans, there are plenty of options for Laurier transfer students when it comes to financial support.

Transfer Credit Reassessment 

Before sorting out your courses, take the opportunity to look at the transfer credits you were awarded when getting your offer of admission. You could have been granted some transfer credits that are “electives” and/or “miscellaneous program” for courses that may have content and requirements that are the same or comparable to a required course at Laurier. If you think this might be the case, you can request a course equivalency reassessment. You have up to one year following the receipt of an offer of admission to request this reassessment.

Sort Out Your Courses

Choosing courses can be exciting and complex for any student, but when transfer credits come into the mix it's even more valuable to have an experienced set of eyes looking over your options with you. Our academic advisors are specialists in identifying the unique aspects of each student's academic experience and goals, and can help optimize your path at Laurier. If you have received your offer letter, reach out to one of our academic advisors in May to get the conversation started.

Keep Family First

Taking care of a family is a gift but also a big responsibility, especially when you're pursuing a university degree. We know getting a great daycare spot can be a major stressor for young parents, so we're taking some of the onus off you. All Laurier students have priority access to reserved childcare spots available at several high-quality facilities in Waterloo and Brantford.

Brush Up on Your Academic Skills

Maybe studying at a university level is new for you. Or maybe it has been a long time since you've been in school. Either way, getting into the swing of university writing, math and study skills can be intimidating. We have a whole team of people eager to help you and other students like you succeed in this new environment. No commitment necessary – drop in as needed or come regularly! Learn what support and coaching is available in each of these popular areas:

Invest in Your Future Career

From resume writing and interview skills to networking and job search starting points, the Laurier Career Centre is the place to go to brush up on all your workplace skills. Our Career Centre team loves to connect with future students, whether about current employment opportunities or preparations for their dream career. And it's all free for students and alumni!

Define Your Daily Commute

Curious about the daily commute once campuses are open again? Learn more about on-campus parking permits and regional public transit options:

Settle into the Neighbourhood

Looking for a place to stay? We've got you covered. Partnerships with Places4Students in the neighbourhood of both our campuses means you have quick, secure and easy access to relevant and affordable rental listings, whether you're keen to live on your own or get connected with roommates.

Stay in the Loop on Transfer News

Once you've accepted your offer to study at Laurier, consider yourself invited to all our transfer student events and touchpoints! There are lots of ways to stay in the loop on upcoming socials, connected with peers and supported in your studies. Put these connection points on your list for week one of classes:

Starting This Season?

We get it - starting at a new school, with new rhythms, processes and professors, can be as stressful as it is satisfying. Offered at the beginning of each term, our Laurier 101 program will help you navigate your next steps and make sure you're ready to thrive when you launch your Golden Hawk journey.

We hope you'll join us for our latest edition of Laurier 101!

Priya Thasan

“As a working mom juggling many things, I honestly didn’t think I would succeed in university. But thanks to caring professors, a multitude of academic supports, and a wide range of social events for mature students, I now feel like part of the Laurier family and am making great progress towards my degree.”

– Priya Thasan, BA '22 (previously, Law Clerk Diploma at Humber College)

Contact Us:

We strive to make this transition as easy as possible for both you and your family. We are here Monday to Friday and encourage you to reach out to us any time you have a question.

Explore Your Transfer Pathways

If you would like to receive more information on your specific program in transferring to Laurier, you can explore your transfer pathway on the ONTransfer database site.

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