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The Faculty of Liberal Arts offers a wide range of programs, from traditional arts disciplines such as English and History to new and interdisciplinary fields of study such as User Experience Design. In all of our programs you’ll get both knowledge and know-how; all our programs offer you opportunities to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world – what we call experiential learning. A degree in Liberal Arts provides you with many opportunities to explore different fields while developing essential skills in critical thinking and communication. Additionally, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the world around you – and how you can positively influence it.

Many of our undergraduate programs offer opportunities for students to include related postgraduate certificates from Conestoga College through either concurrent or Year 3 delivery in a unique campus partnership that permits shared student services with the college in Brantford. Four of our programs, EnglishHistoryHuman Rights and Law and Society, are part of a program partnership with the University of Sussex in the UK, which began in 2016/17. Through this pathway, you can receive both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a law degree (LLB) in six years – and have a significant international experience.

Looking ahead to a career in Education? Apply to FLA's English with Teaching Option, History with Teaching Option, Indigenous Studies with Teaching Option, or User Experience Design with Teaching Option programs for a direct pathway into Laurier's Bachelor of Education!

Our Master of Arts program in Social Justice and Community Engagement is unique in Canada. It combines in-class and community-based experiences to bridge the gap between social and environmental justice theory and practice.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts is offering a new professional Master's Degree in User Experience Design (MSc-UX). This program is unique in Ontario, being only the second of its kind in Canada. User Experience (UX) Design is the process of designing digital and other types of products or services that are user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. This graduate program will prepare students to launch a UX career through a focus on practical, professional learning. 

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The Faculty of Liberal Arts is located on the second floor of the East Wing of the Research and Academic Centre, Brantford (corner of Dalhousie and Charlotte streets).

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