Criminology and Policing (BA)

The online combined Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Criminology and Policing program delves into the social and psychological aspects of why crimes occur.

The program helps to diversify your knowledge through courses in youth justice, addiction and crimes, and crimes against humanity.

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Apply Your Learning

Make the most out of your university career by taking advantage of all that Laurier has to offer you. Volunteer work, campus clubs, leadership programs, studying abroad, work experience – there are so many ways you can extend your classroom experience into the real world.

Here are just a few examples of the experiences you’ll have access to in the Criminology and Policing program:

  • Benefit from an active online community of peers through Laurier’s online learning platform, MyLearningSpace.
  • Enjoy learning from, and having conversational access to, professors with law enforcement and public safety backgrounds.
  • Attend a Criminology conference.
Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Laurier Experience Record, an innovative database of your notable curricular and co-curricular experience that you can share with employers.


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Format: part time      Duration: four years     Start: September (fall term), January (winter term) or May (spring term)     OUAC code: UOP

Program Details

Cutting-Edge Content

Our Policing and Criminology (BACP) program was designed following extensive consultations with law enforcement agencies across Canada and its content is steered by an advisory board of law enforcement professionals. These partnerships between academia and industry ensure that your education will be as relevant and up-to-date as possible, while equipping you with the practical and theoretical perspectives, methods and research tactics needed to make a meaningful difference in the world. 

The criminology aspect of this degree digs deep into the causes and effects of crime, giving you a rich understanding of crime's impact on society and how the way a society is structured can influence crime rates and prevention. Throughout your courses, you'll navigate criminal justice as it relates to both the victim and the perpetrator, and develop valuable skills in leadership, communication, ethics and building resilience.

A Career-Ready Education

No matter which community you're inspired to serve, or which aspect of criminal justice you're passionate about, our Policing and Criminology (BACP) program can help you get there. You'll learn practical skills and leadership perspectives relating to policy development, interpersonal communication, mediation, critical thinking and persuasive reasoning, psychology and sound, ethical research methods. All your courses will be designed with the goal of hearing, understanding and learning to respond to a variety of perspectives, and preparing you to navigate the challenges facing modern-day law enforcement. 

This program is also part-time and fully online, enabling you to start (or continue) your career, even as you enhance your skills and insights through a leadership-oriented degree.


Specializations, Options and Minors

These are a few of the many popular academic opportunities which allow you to dive deeper into your major area of study or broaden your knowledge:

  • Global Crime and Justice Certificate
  • Gladue Principles Certificate

Check out other options to enhance your degree.

First-Year Required Courses

  • CC100: Introduction to Criminology
  • CC102: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • OL200: Communication Skills for Leadership
  • PD200: Police Psychology
  • PD201: Intercultural Communication in Policing
  • CC291: Introduction to Policing

Sample First-Year Electives

  • CC200: Youth Justice
  • OL140: Leadership Foundations

Sample Upper-Year Courses

  • CC210: Psychology of Crime
  • CC390: Theories of Crime II
  • PD302: Indigenous Peoples’ Political Structures
  • PD305: Media, Social Media and Crime
  • PD404: Cyber Crime

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Tuition and Scholarships

Adding a degree to your diploma is an investment in your future.

At Laurier, we take financial health seriously by providing funding opportunities, such as in-course scholarships, to help you to achieve your goals of obtaining a university degree. You will be automatically considered for in-course scholarships based on your Laurier GPA (grade point average). In-course scholarships are valued between $500 and $1,500 annually. They begin at a GPA of 10.0 (approximately 80%) and above.


"The professors are accessible and excellent at communicating with students to ensure success. Being able to access course material at any time online gives me complete control over when I study and saves me several hours every week in commuting time."

Ryan Wilson, 2023 graduate

Your Career Awaits

It’s not only about the journey; it’s about the destination. Let us help you get to where you’re going.

Here are just some examples of our graduates' destinations. What’s yours?

Sample Career Options

Note: Additional training and education may be required.

  • corrections officer
  • mediator
  • ombudsperson
  • paralegal
  • police officer
  • public administration

Explore more careers.

Support After Graduation

Alumni for life means that you have access to Career and Employment Support offered at Laurier for your entire career.

Program Location

Courses for our Criminology and Policing program are offered entirely in an online format. Designed to engage students in multiple formats such as student-instructor, student-content and student-student interaction, so you have significant opportunities to interact with other students in your class.

"This program has given me the opportunity to learn the theories behind the practices in Policing and Criminology and learn from the experiences and views of my peers."

Kristen Ricci, current student

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