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Since 1991, the university has recognized the outstanding work of Canadian writers across fiction and non-fiction classifications. Through a number of initiatives, Laurier offers support to both published, unpublished and student authors through awards presented in recognition of their literary work.

Laurier aims to foster the spirit of literary engagement that provides students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the community, the opportunity to celebrate, explore and discuss both writer's work and the writing process.



The Visiting Writer Program encourages faculty, students and staff to engage with visiting writers and attend the events including lectures, reading groups and workshops. Previous visiting writers have also lent their time to the raising of funds for student scholarships in areas of deep interest to them.

A hallmark of the event is a public lecture in which the writer draws on significant themes or contexts in which her/his writing is broadly positioned. Previous authors have included Elizabeth Hay, Lawrence Hill, Joseph Boyden and Alissa York.