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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Three to five days after you have submitted your online application through OUAC and paid the non-refundable application fee, you'll receive an email from advising you to upload the additional required documentation to the Laurier Online Registration and Information System (LORIS). Each program requires different documents, so review the application checklist, found on each program’s page, to ensure you upload all required documents.

What is LORIS?

LORIS is a secure self-service site where you can view your application and upload the supplemental materials. Registered Laurier students also use LORIS to add and drop courses, apply for bursary funding, update address information, retrieve tax documentation, review (and accept/decline) any offered financial support, request official Laurier transcripts and more.

Logging in to LORIS for the First Time

Go to the LORIS website.

Log in using your nine-digit student ID number and a personal identification number (PIN). The first time you use LORIS, your PIN number will be your date of birth in the format MMDDYY (for example, if your birthday is March 29, 1988, your PIN would be 032988).

After logging in, you will be told your PIN has expired. You’ll need to change your PIN and add security questions to continue.

If you enter the wrong PIN five times, LORIS will lock you out. To reset your PIN to your birthdate, email to have it reset.

How to Upload your Supplemental Materials

  1. Log in to LORIS.
  2. Click on the “Admissions” tab at the top.
  3. Click “Display Admissions Applications.”
  4. Click on the program name (hyperlinked) in the application menu.
  5. The supplemental documents required for your application are listed on LORIS. See the Supplemental Materials page for the technical specifications of your documents.
  6. Click “Browse …” to find the document on your computer that you’d like to submit. Once you’ve clicked “Upload,” the file has been submitted and attached to your application.
  7. Once you have uploaded all of your required documents, click “Review & Save My Copy” to view and save a full copy of your application as received by Laurier.


If you need help because:

  • You uploaded a file to the wrong field, you need to update a file you've already uploaded or if you see a blank screen when you click on "Review & Save My Copy," contact (if you are applying to the MSW program), Milena Morrison at (if you are applying to the MBA program) or (all other programs).
  • You need advice on how to compress your documents so they’re smaller than 1.2 MB, contact
  • You require additional spots to upload your academic transcripts, contact (note that certificates from professional training experiences are not required).


  • All supplementary documents, including transcripts and test scores, must be in PDF format.
  • The maximum file size is 1.2 MB.
  • Only one PDF can be uploaded per checklist item.
  • Do not upload certified, encrypted or password-protected files.
  • Scan documents in black and white or greyscale (colour scans substantially increase the file size).
  • Scan documents at the lowest resolution that produces a legible copy (300 dpi or under). Review the image after scanning to ensure it is legible.
  • If a document is deemed ineligible or missing critical identifying information, you will be notified by email and asked to upload a new document.
  • You do not need to confirm or verify completion of your application once you have uploaded all of the required (and/or applicable) documents. You may verify your submission by clicking “Review and Save my Copy” and downloading a copy of your application. This copy is identical to what the university has received. 

Applicant's Declaration

By applying to Laurier, applicants verify that the information in their application is true, complete and correct, and that all information relevant to a decision on the application has been disclosed. It is the responsibility of each applicant to keep Laurier informed of any relevant changes to information or application materials that may occur between the date of submission of the application and its supporting documents, and any subsequent registration at Laurier.

Applicants acknowledge that application information is collected under the authority of the Wilfrid Laurier University Act to administer the university-student relationship. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining academic and ancillary records, contacting applicants and others on your behalf, and releasing such information as is appropriate for the operation of the university. Visit Laurier's Privacy Coordinator Office and the Notice of Collection and Use or Disclosure of Personal Information webpage for more information.

Your Privacy

Application information is collected under the authority of the Wilfrid Laurier University Act to administer the university-student relationship. This includes but is not limited to maintaining your academic and ancillary records, contacting you, and others, on your behalf, and releasing such information as is appropriate for the operation of the university.


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