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The Appendix H is used by the Part-Time Appointment Committee (PTAC) to assess applicants for courses that are being offered part-time. The form is used for external applicants and current CAS who do not have seniority status in the posted course.

Below is an example of the Appendix H form. For a physical copy of the form, please contact

Appendix H Form Example

This form shall be used for the assessment of candidates for CAS positions under Article 13.6.1 and shall not be used to evaluate members for any other purpose. Results are for PTAC use only and shall only be made available to the Dean upon request and shall be made available to the Association in the event of a grievance. A form must be completed for each candidate and appended to the minutes of the PTAC meeting(s).


Information used in the assessment: List all sources of information used to assess the candidate, including a teaching dossier; teaching evaluations from WLU; teaching evaluations from another institution(s); the Member's official file, if applicable; any other information provided by the candidate (specify).

a. Requisite academic qualifications: Yes/No

b. Record of teaching: ranked out of 30.

c. Relevant qualifications including scholarship/professional experience: ranked out of 25.

d. Teaching experience in the posted or similar course: ranked out of 25.

e. Total seniority points: ranked out of 20.

Total points from b. to e. out of 100.

A. Requisite Academic Qualifications

The applicant has the requisite academic qualifications for the position as posted (i.e. the relevant academic degree or certificate, education in the academic specialty, and/or the appropriate professional training and experience). Departments shall specify the minimum degree necessary for the position and they should specify the area or field for the required degree. Departments may also specify recognized professional degrees or designations or specialized training (e.g. LLB, BEd, CA, language proficiency). If the applicant does not have the requisite academic qualifications for the position as posted, he/she shall not be considered for the position.

B. Record of Teaching

The assessment of the candidate’s teaching record shall be based on the candidate’s university teaching evaluations under Article 19, or the equivalent from another institution, the candidate’s teaching dossier, and any other information submitted by the candidate.

30 points

  • less than satisfactory performance – 0 points
  • satisfactory performance – 10 points
  • good level of performance – 20 points
  • excellent performance – 30 points

C. Relevant Qualifications Including Scholarship in the Field and/or Relevant Professional Experience

Qualifications under this section must be directly relevant to the position advertised.

Up to 25 points

  • Indicate the candidate’s qualifications and experience.

D. Teaching Experience in the Posted or Similar Course

25 points

  • no experience in posted or similar courses – 0 points
  • some experience in similar courses – 15 points
  • has taught the posted or similar course – 20 points
  • has taught the posted or similar course more than once – 25 points

E. Total Seniority Points

20 points

Points will be equal to the seniority point listing, in accordance with, up to a maximum of 20 points.

If two or more candidates have equal points under Appendix H, the Member who has taught the posted course before shall be offered the appointment. If this is insufficient to determine the appointment, the Member with the most seniority points in the course shall be offered the course. If this is insufficient to determine the appointment, a candidate who has have self-identified to the Dean as belonging to a designated group (women, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and individuals of non-heterosexual orientation or gender identity), shall be awarded the course. If this is insufficient to determine the appointment, the Dean shall make the appointment from among these applicants by lot.


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