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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Owen Harvey (BA '17)

Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology

"I graduated from Laurier in 2017 with a degree from the Archaeology department. I’m currently furthering my education with a master's degree at Oxford University, which my time here prepared me well for. I found that the Archaeology department and its professors were always strongly supportive of its students, engaging and helping us to explore our own academic interests. There were always opportunities for us to get practical hands-on experience through the summer field schools and lab positions. These experiences have prepared myself and others to further our careers in academia and the workforce, both in archaeology and in new fields."

Duncan Williams (BA '15)

North American Archaeology

"Laurier’s Archaeology program offers one of the few opportunities in the province (and in the country) to gain an immersive experience in a standalone Archaeology department. The greatest strength of the program is its emphasis on gaining practical field experience, which is of the utmost importance for aspiring archaeologists.

"The diversity reflected in the faculty’s research areas allows students to tailor their educational and field experiences to their particular geographic, temporal, and thematic interests. Active faculty research presents abundant opportunities for students to engage in meaningful research at the undergraduate level.

"The small size of the department provides for teaching and research experiences that are difficult to attain at larger institutions. Whether or not graduates plan to pursue a career in archaeology, the program offers a broad interdisciplinary foundation in theory and method suitable for a variety of pursuits upon graduation."

Grant Ginson (BA '18)

Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology

"The Archaeology and Heritage Studies department is truly something special. While it may be a smaller department, its size has always made me feel like I belong to a part of the archaeological community. Its size allowed for me to better know my professors and classmates. Working and seeing each other repeatedly meant that I knew everybody pretty well and I was never afraid to ask for help or advice. Its size also meant I was given unique opportunities to expand my academic abilities. Working in a lab, TAing for professors, supervising an excavation and presenting academic work are all opportunities given to me in my time here. The Archaeology and Heritage Studies department has equipped me for my future better than I could have hoped."

Ashley Paling (BA '17)

Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology

"My time at Laurier was amazing, mainly because of the sense of community I felt right from my first year. Studying in the Archaeology department only made that better. I was able to meet so many professors who made a lasting impact, and who truly cared about myself and my research interests. One of the best things about the department is that we have working labs with research being conducted while you study at Laurier. I was able to work in two of these labs for three years, and that hands-on experience is something that really sets you apart after graduation."

Laura Inthof (BA '18)

Archaeology and Heritage Studies

"I absolutely loved my time as an undergraduate in the Archaeology and Heritage Studies program at Laurier. In the spring of my second year, I went on my first archaeology field school. As intimidated as I was, it didn’t take me long to feel right at home as I built friendships with my peers over the span of six weeks. Not only was it a great experience, it also provided me with practical archaeological skills that I could apply to summer fieldwork!

"Although there are so many things I loved about the archaeology program, one aspect that I really appreciated the most were the professors. I never doubted that they genuinely care about my education and success because they constantly challenged me and gave me opportunities to work in the archaeology labs and take on leadership roles as an instructional assistant. They also gave me encouragement and education on ways to move forward in the field of archaeology, which made my academic journey as an undergraduate a positive and memorable experience."


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