COVID-19 Scaling Framework

The COVID-19 Scaling Framework has been developed to guide safety planning, decision making, and priority setting. The framework identifies four levels independently applied to ten categories of on-campus operations and activities.

Movement of categories along the scale is led by the Pandemic Recovery Steering Group (PRSG), who takes into account government regulations (all levels), public health updates, and the institutional landscape.

The framework guides the university in situations when nuanced decision making is possible and enables sound operational decisions to be made in a timely manner.

Levels of Impact at a Glance

  • Critical: Essential services with strict protocols.
  • High: Required services, student and academic focused, with strict protocols.
  • Moderate: Expanded services with moderate protocols.
  • Low: Resumption of normal university operations.

Scaling Framework: Levels of Impact

Updated: July 7, 2021

Category Current Status Critical High5 Moderate4 Low
Waterloo Brantford
Physical Campus Access Critical Critical
  • Restricted access.
  • Controlled access.
  • Hybrid controlled/open access depending on the building and services.
  • Open access.
Course Delivery1 High High
  • Remote instruction (with specific exceptions).
  • Remote instruction. Limited on-campus instruction with restrictions.
  • Primarily remote instructions with increasing on-campus instruction, with restrictions.
  • Primarily on-campus instruction with no restrictions.
Employees High High
  • Work from home.
  • Essential employees on-campus only.
  • Work from home.
  • Additional on-site work for functions that are best done on-campus (as allowable per square footage of space).
  • Work from home.
  • Increased on-site work as services expand on campus or to accommodate individual needs (as allowable per square footage of space).
  • Working on-campus.
Residence2 n/a n/a
  • Accommodations: Limited capacity with elevated restrictions.
  • Dining: Take-out, pick-up, and restricted seating (in line with Public Health regulations).
  • Accommodations: Limited capacity with restrictions.
  • Dining: Take-out, pick-up, and controlled seating (as allowable per  square footage of space).
  • Accommodations: Increased capacity and common space use (as allowable per square footage of space).
  • Dining: Open with moderate restrictions.
  • Fully resumed.
Student Service Delivery High High
  • Remote services.
  • Primarily remote, with some student and academic services on-campus.
  • Hybrid delivery of services.
  • In-person.
Campus Amenities3 High High
  • Closed for all in-person services.
  • Food Services: Take-out, pick-up or delivery.
  • Open with strict restrictions.
  • Food Services: Take-out, pick-up or delivery.
  • Open with moderate restrictions.
  • Food Services: Limited catering resumed.
  • Open, no restrictions.
Research Activities High High
  • Restricted to completion of essential research (maximum 2 researchers without human participants).
  • Approved domestic research and human participant research, with restrictions.
  • Resumption of international field research, with restrictions.
  • Fully resumed.
Meetings / Events on Campus High High
  • None.
  • No events.
  • In-person meetings may be conducted by individuals approved to be working on-campus only.
  • Limited to government restrictions.
  • Fully resumed.
Visitors High High
  • None.
  • Restricted to supporting approved on-campus activities only.
  • Some visitor/public activities open.
  • Open access.
Travel High High
  • None.
  • Discretionary travel within Canada for business and academic purposes strongly discouraged.
  • Domestic travel for research purposes may be approved.
  • Discretionary travel for business and academic purposes strongly discouraged.
  • International travel for research purposes may be approved.
  • Fully resumed.

1 Course delivery mode will not change in the middle of the term.

2 On-campus accommodations and residence dining.

3 Bookstore, fitness centres, retail food services, library, study spaces.

4 Space restrictions in "Moderate" will be determined by the square footage in accordance with the provincial framework.

5 In addition to "Moderate" space restrictions, there may be elevated capacity limits as defined by the provincial framework.