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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.


An option is an enhanced minor that you can incorporate into your degree program. Options range from six to 10 courses and can be added to many of our programs.

Note: Some options are only available at our Brantford campus and some are only available at our Waterloo campus. Not all options can be added to every program.

Waterloo Campus Options

Applied Digital Option

The Applied Digital Option prepares you to use digital methods to manage and examine information, and to present your findings in creative ways. The option builds on your ability to research, critique and analyze a variety of social, historical, political and economic issues using contemporary digital technologies (such as mapping, electronic literary analysis, digitization, analytics and advanced visualization techniques). The option also introduces you to the multimedia skills you need to succeed in an age of digital information.

The option has two pathways: Design and Application. The Design pathway focuses on the creation of multimedia projects; you are introduced to the software tools you need to express your ideas in creative and effective ways. The focus of the Application pathway is on the collection and analysis of “big data” and its rendering in ways that facilitate interpretation.

Applied Mathematics Option

Our Applied Mathematics option is available to honours students at the Waterloo campus in any discipline other than mathematics. The primary focus is on methods commonly used in modern mathematical models in science, especially in relation to kinesiology, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology and psychology. This option can also be tailored to meet the needs of other areas of study, such as business and economics, where quantitative methodology is an important part of the program.

Applied Social Research Option

The Applied Social Research Option provides you with an opportunity to develop advanced research methods and data analysis skills. The option is designed for non-Sociology majors interested in acquiring applied training at a level beyond what is currently required in Faculty of Arts social science disciplines. The Applied Social Research Option consists of four credits: two credits of required courses and two credits of elective courses. Students with a minimum GPA of 7.00 (B-) in their major and 6.00 (C+) overall (or with permission of the department) are eligible to apply for the option at any point in the senior years of their program. A cumulative GPA of 7.00 in the courses specific to the Applied Social Research Option is required to graduate.

Christian Studies and Global Citizenship Option

Our Christian Studies and Global Citizenship option is designed to make you think critically about your faith, the world and your place in it from a global perspective. This option is open to all undergraduate students who are interested in effective communication, social responsibility, spiritual awareness, appreciation of diversity and experience in serving the community. It is an ideal choice if you’re interested in working with, or alongside, faith-based not-for-profit organizations.

Christian Studies and Global Song Option

For the Christian Studies and Global Song option, you’ll study the theological and biblical background for music ministry, and develop your practical skills in leading song and prayer – all from a global perspective. An ideal choice if you’re interested in leading music in the church or community, this option is open to all undergraduate students. Music students who are interested in basic theological and global worship studies will find this option equips them for leadership in a church setting.

Community Engagement Option

At Laurier, we believe that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. This option addresses that belief by enabling you to learn through practical experience projects in the local community, and then reflect on this engagement in the classroom. In partnership with our Centre for Community Service-Learning and The Working Centre – a non-profit, community-based venture in downtown Kitchener – you’ll work on projects such as the St. John’s Kitchen, Recycle Cycles, Job Café and Street Outreach.

Entrepreneurship Core

The Entrepreneurship Core will take you through the entrepreneurial process, providing knowledge, skills, structures, guidance, mentorship and resources for starting new ventures. This option will provide you with the academic foundation for a career in new ventures, in investment, or in entrepreneurial organizations.

This core will enable you to bring creative ideas to fruition and provide the academic foundations for starting an entrepreneurial venture or managing an entrepreneurial organization upon graduation.

This core is available to students in Science, Business, Economics, or Music. Arts students are encouraged to take advantage of our Social Entrepreneurship Option, which is similar in nature, but designed to fit with the Arts curriculum.

Environmental Science Option

Our Environmental Science option is available to students registered in honours Bachelor of Science programs in Biology, Chemistry or Geography. You’ll be required to complete at least four full credits in biology, chemistry and physical geography courses – all contributing to understanding scientific and experimental aspects of environmental issues.

Film Production Option

The technical skills at the basis of contemporary filmmaking — videography, editing, lighting, sound design and post-production work — are common to many professional fields from film to television, to journalism and advertising. Our existing Film Studies program provides a base in the theoretical, historical and stylistic analysis of film; the Film Production Option allows any student (not just Film Studies majors) to put their learning into practice and, in so doing, gain valuable and marketable skills for their postgraduate careers.

This option is designed for students who seek to combine a foundational knowledge of Film Studies with a practical understanding of the techniques of video and film production, from script to screen. The option is composed of at least 4.0 credits in Film Studies courses.

French Option

The Option in French is designed with Faculty of Arts (FOA) students as well as non-FOA students in mind and can be combined with a major from the Faculties of Arts, Science, Music and the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. By taking the French Option, you will have the opportunity to gain a more nuanced fluency in French beyond that of our minor. The option is designed for flexibility and you will be able to tailor your courses to suit your individual needs and interests. Once you complete the core courses, you will be able to choose to focus on culture, literature, film or language courses. In a bilingual country, such as Canada, the Option in French will give students an essential linguistic competency combined with cultural knowledge and will increase your employability after you graduate.

Intercultural Understanding Option

The Intercultural Understanding Option provides students with skills that are highly valued in the global marketplace: respect for cultural difference, tolerance for ambiguity, and critical self-reflection.

This option brings awareness to the role of culture in shaping people’s worldview and practices, fosters a complex understanding of one’s own social location and provides training in holistic analysis. In a multicultural society such as Canada, understanding diversity helps dispel dominant stereotypes about non-normative cultures, encouraging respectful collaboration and teamwork. The option’s emphasis on ethnographic skills affords students practical, transferable research tools that are attractive to employers.

International Policy Option

The School of International Policy and Governance (SIPG) is now offering an International Policy Option, open to students from any program at the university. If you're interested in complex global problems such as climate change, health and disease, crime, welfare, trade, and finance, then this option is for you. In addition, students who successfully complete the International Policy Option will possess the prerequisites needed to apply for Laurier's Master of International Public Policy degree.

You’ll complete 4.5 credits of courses. Core courses are in economics, international policy, and – depending what campus you're on – political science and global studies, or human rights and human diversity. Related electives are drawn from a wide variety of programs on our campuses.

Legal Studies Option

Our Legal Studies option gives you the opportunity to study legal topics, theories and methods that are at the intersection of law, politics, business, history, philosophy, gender, justice, human rights and ethics. This option is ideal if you’re interested in pursuing law school or other legal-related careers. It’s open to all honours students at the Waterloo campus with a minimum overall Grade Point Average of 7.00 (B-) at the end of first year. You can also enter the option at the end of your second or third year.

Management Option

The fundamentals of business are at the heart of any organization and many careers. While you complete your degree in an arts, economics, science or music program, our Management option will provide you with an understanding of the core principles of the business world, including accounting, marketing, human resources, operations, policy, and finance.

You can apply to the Management Option with any of our Science, Arts, Economics or Music programs for direct entry into year one. The minimum required average to enrol in the Management Option is low-mid 80s and you must also meet the admission requirements for your program(s) of choice. You will complete 4.0 credits for the Option, including BU111 Understanding the Business Environment and BU127 Introduction to Financial Accounting; one of EC120 or EC140 Introduction to Microeconomics or Macroeconomics; one Statistics course from your program of study.

Music and Cultural History Option

This option will deepen your knowledge about music’s connection to cultural history. It’s designed for both Music and non-Music majors. For Music majors, this option is useful if you want a deeper understanding of how music is developed in its broader cultural context, and you’ll learn how changes in the visual arts, philosophy and the business of cultural production affected the evolution of music. For non-Music majors, this option will enhance your appreciation of musical performance and deepen your understanding of musical theory.

Muslim Studies Option

Our Muslim Studies option at the Waterloo campus offers the opportunity to study the historical, philosophical and theological development of Islamic thought and traditions. It focuses on contemporary sociological, political and cultural contexts of lived Muslim experiences from global, transnational and local perspectives. This option takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Islam and Muslim societies, integrating methodological approaches from both the humanities and social sciences.

Research Specialization Option

This option is available only to fourth-year political science, global studies or history students. You should consider this option if you’re hoping to continue your education after completing your Bachelor of Arts. By completing this option, you’ll be better equipped to handle the rigours of a master’s degree or a professional program, and will be a more appealing candidate to selection committees.

Social Entrepreneurship Option

Our Social Entrepreneurship option is designed for students looking to tackle the issues facing society today with sustainable business solutions. As the first of its kind in Canada, this option focuses on providing you with a deeper appreciation of the world’s urgent problems, an understanding of your individual strengths and motivations for impacting change, and entrepreneurial expertise such as financial management, strategic planning, market analysis and fundraising.

Sustainability Option

Preserving Earth’s natural and social systems is amongst the most important challenges currently facing the global community. Although global in scale, issues of climate change, population growth and economic instability have immediate concerns for us at the local level, as we strive to maintain the integrity of our resources – clean and accessible air, water, food, etc. This option will allow you to critically examine these issues from a variety of perspectives and disciplines.

Brantford Campus Options

Business Technology Management Option

The fundamentals of business are at the heart of any organization and many careers. While you complete your degree in any of our Brantford campus programs, the Business Technology Management (BTM) option will provide you with an understanding of the core principles of the business world, including accounting, marketing, human resources, operations, policy and finance.

International Development Option

Our International Development option provides you with a firm understanding of development, global governance, and the institutions of the global economy. This program will prepare you to compete in our increasingly globalized world by enhancing your capacity to implement programs and policies in non-governmental organizations, public organizations, educational institutions and international organizations.

Issue Advocacy Option

Our Issue Advocacy option is a unique opportunity to take courses in journalism, leadership and business to increase your understanding of organizational life and improve your critical written and oral communication skills. You’ll develop strong and persuasive writing techniques, and learn to critically analyze how public relations impacts our understanding of events and news stories.

Law Option

The Law option provides students on Laurier’s Brantford campus with the opportunity to study the legal and social dimensions of law in Canada. You'll critically engage with legal doctrine, jurisprudence, statutes and regulations, and processes and practices in Canada’s legal systems. The option will be appealing to students who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in law or employment opportunities in law-related careers, such as working in the justice system (policing, corrections, legal services), government policy, or in Canadian or international advocacy organizations.

Students completing an Honours degree in Law and Society are not eligible to graduate with the Law option.

The Law option consists of 4.0 credits. Students with a minimum overall GPA of 7.0 at the end of Years 1, 2 or 3 are eligible to apply for the Law option. A cumulative GPA of 7.0 in the courses specific to the Law option is required to graduate with the option.

Leadership Option

Leadership skills are valued in all organizations to inspire, motivate and bring about change. In this option you’ll learn analytical and communication skills, and acquire the historical and philosophical breadth of knowledge to participate effectively in the leadership of organizations. You’ll develop skills in project planning, team building, communications, organizational analysis and strategic planning, as well as research skills linked to survey design, focus groups and statistical analysis.

Media Studies Option

Technology has quickly become a large part of our everyday lives. Our conversations, our friends, and even our careers have become increasingly mediated. Our Media Studies option will help you develop increased media literacy, including critical thinking about the validity of information. This option provides a framework to access, analyze, evaluate and create messages in a variety of forms in a world where “wikis” and user-generated content allow for a collaborative approach to information creation and distribution.


A minor is a secondary area of concentration requiring at least 3.0 credits or equivalent in a subject different from your honours program(s). We offer a wide range of program-specific minors (e.g. French, Philosophy, Music, Financial Mathematics, etc.) and only a sampling is shown below.

Criminology Minor

Waterloo campus | Brantford campus

By adding a minor in Criminology to your degree, you’ll use sociology, psychology and law to examine what defines a crime, why people commit them, how society responds to crime, and how crime has changed over time. You’ll explore these ideas in courses such as Youth Justice, Multiple Murder, Restorative Justice and Introduction to Corrections. This grouping of courses will emphasize critical thinking, communication skills and writing skills, while exploring the exciting and ever changing criminal justice system.

Education Minor

Waterloo campus

The minor in Education is designed to provide students with a supplemental course of study focusing on schooling and education. Students have the opportunity to bundle elective courses within their current programs of study into a minor in Education. Students taking this minor will have the option to take courses such as Children’s Literature, Introduction to Elementary Music Education, Educational Psychology, Sociology of Youth, Mathematics Without Tears and many more.

History and Philosophy of Science Minor

The History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) minor program offers one of the few opportunities at Laurier to participate in courses with multidisciplinary subject matter taught with an interdisciplinary approach. It attracts students from diverse faculties who engage critically in the study of science, technology, medicine, and environment from the varied perspectives of an increasingly sophisticated scholarly field of study. HPS core courses encourage students to engage firsthand with both the original works of scientists and scientific thinkers, as well as studies of the historical and philosophical contexts in which these works acquire meaning. A richly cross-disciplinary experience, the HPS program invites students to recognize the mutual benefits in sharing their own diverse areas of specialization and training with one another.

Professional Writing Minor

Brantford campus

Do you want skills to help you get your foot in the door at a professional workplace? Do you want to be able to communicate more clearly and effectively in the working world? If so, then you should consider a minor in Professional Writing. This minor, currently available to students on the Brantford campus, includes courses in writing for business, public sector, web, print media and technical writing. You can also take courses in academic, journalistic or legal writing for a more diverse portfolio, which will give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

Writing for Career and Community Minor

Waterloo campus

To be effective in any program at Laurier, students must be able to express themselves through their writing in a variety of formats, and they must also be able to demonstrate knowledge, analytical skills and professionalism in their written work. Moreover, at the core of the Faculty of Arts is the desire to provide students with the capacity and confidence to make a difference in their communities, whether as individuals or through social enterprises. The Writing for Career and Community minor is designed both to enhance the applied elements of existing programming in the Arts and also to provide students with an additional range of competencies.

Youth and Children's Studies Minor

Brantford campus

What is a youth? What is a child? And what does it mean to grow up in the contemporary world? Our minor in Youth and Children’s Studies uses these questions as the basis for exploration into the cultures of childhood and adolescence. You’ll take relevant courses in History, Psychology, Community Health, Criminology and English, and graduate with a deep understanding of the issues affecting the lives of young people.


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