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Join us at Laurier

Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Guiding Principles

Our role as a university isn’t much different from our role as an employer. As an educational institution, we inspire lives of leadership and purpose in our student community. As an employer, we seek, foster and value the same qualities of leadership and purpose in our employee community.

Employee Perspective

Our employees tell us that they are here because they feel proud to be part of a unique and inclusive community. A community that supports one another, inspires continuous improvement and respects work/life balance, all while recognizing the importance of a challenging, yet rewarding work experience.

We’re All Part of Something Bigger

We aspire to be a diverse community, and it is this commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that keeps the needs of our students and our employees at the heart of all that we do.

And when it comes down to the “purpose” that we value, Laurier employees know that by doing what they do each and every day, they are part of something much bigger: they are each helping to shape the future for our students. They are inspiring lives of leadership and purpose.

Employee Success Factors

In September 2010, Wilfrid Laurier University introduced Employee Success Factors that reflect Laurier’s values, vision and mission statements.

A successfu​l employee:

  • ​Collaborates to promote team and organizational success.
  • Seeks opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Values relationships and community.
  • Supports a culture of service.
  • Models leadership and accountability.

The Success Factors provide a foundation for many aspects of the Laurier employee experience. Together, they refle​ct an important set of criteria against which we can evaluate and strive to improve ourselves thereby continuously strengthening our organization. It all begins with us as individuals.​

Success Factor Details

Collaborates to promote Team and Organizational Success

"Understands impact of actions on others and takes an integrated approach to work and decision making."​​

  • ​​Seeks opportunities to integrate ideas and share resources across the organization.
  • Breaks down silos by sharing ideas and working collaboratively with others.
  • Solicits and values others' opinions.
  • Understands Laurier is an integrated multi-campus community.
  • Seeks to understand and incorporate the perspectives of others.
  • Leverages relationships and partnerships to generate new opportunities.

What can this look like?​​

  • ​Proactively build relationships with colleagues in different departments and arrange regular meetings for information sharing.
  • Approach tasks laterally with a continuous eye on how other departments or campuses should be involved.
  • Engage focus groups for information sharing and seeking new ideas.

Seeks Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

"Improves organizational effectiveness by finding creative ways to identify opportunities and overcome c​​hallenges."

  • Em​braces and engages in innovation and change.
  • Takes initiative and has a bias for action.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability; is open to new ideas.
  • Exhibits a willingness to challenge the status quo and strives for continuous improvement.
  • Takes calculated risks and learns from experience.
  • Recognizes and seizes opportunities to make positive change.
  • Appropriately and responsibly uses resources to accomplish objectives.

W​​hat can this look like?

  • ​Building time into your schedule to review professional literature and seek out "best practice" ideas.
  • Learn a new language to assist in representing Laurier at international levels.
  • Develop and integrate sustainability initiatives into design standards and projects.​

Values Relationships and Community

“Builds and sustai​ns meaningful relationships and invests in the Laurier community experience.”

  • ​Values/encourages meaningful, long-lasting relationships.
  • Supports and participates in the exchange of diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • Embraces Laurier’s academic and institutional traditions.
  • Acts as an ambassador for Laurier to both internal and external communities.
  • Engages as an active participant in events that embody and shape the Laurier community.

What​ can this look like?

  • ​​Volunteer at convocation.
  • Increase involvement/participation in the larger Laurier community through committee membership.
  • Continue to engage members at each campus in project planning and implementation.​​

Supports a Culture of Service

“Adds value by identifying, understanding and effectively responding to the needs of our stakeholders.”

  • ​Follows through and delivers on commitments.
  • Interacts with others as individuals and supports an environment of “personal service.”
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the value and importance of building and supporting strong stakeholder relationships.
  • Is recognized and respected by others as a trusted resource and valued professional.

What can this look like?

  • ​Communicate in person rather than through email or over the phone as much as possible to enhance relationships.
  • Initiate a service guarantee.
  • Seek stakeholder feedback on services provided and take action to improve.

Models Leadership and Accountability

“Leads by example, promotes respect and integrity, and takes ownership for one’s own actions and work.”​

  • ​Accepts responsibility for outcomes and maintains standards of professionalism.
  • Makes principle-driven decisions.
  • Interested in and supportive of the development of others.
  • Understands how their behaviour is perceived by others.
  • Takes opportunity to serve as a coach and mentor to others.
  • Readily shares information and ideas.
  • Serves as a positive inspiration for others.
  • Learns from and shares experiences.

Wh​at can this look like?

  • ​Provide direct reports with job shadowing and enhanced project work to prepare them for future career advancement opportunities.
  • More actively ask others for their opinion.
  • Take new knowledge learned from conferences and actively share it with colleagues.

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