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Sustainability Campus Committee

The Sustainability Campus Committee (SCC) is a multi-campus committee made up of students, staff and faculty from Laurier. The committee works directly with the Sustainability Office to increase awareness and understanding of on-campus sustainability challenges and opportunities. The committee’s primary tasks include reviewing applications and sit on a judging panel for the Sustainable Hawk Fund program.

Action Plan and Annual Report

Continuing its leadership in sustainability, Laurier published its first Sustainability Action Plan in 2018 and in the summer of 2023 the next iteration of the five year Sustainability Action Plan was published.The Plan outlines a five-year strategy to take action on climate change and embed sustainability into every aspect of campus life.

Laurier’s Annual Sustainability Report provides an overview of our sustainability activities each year. It highlights examples of progress made towards achieving the goals outlined in the Action Plan and provides an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned as well as opportunities that lie ahead stars gold rankingfor the coming year.

Awards and Achievements

We are proud to have received a number of sustainability awards and achievements over the years, including: