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About the Chemistry and Physics Program

If you are an excellent student with superior abilities in chemistry, physics and mathematics then Laurier’s Chemistry and Physics program is a match for you. This program combines some of the best of our Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs in Chemistry and Physics. You'll graduate with a solid theoretical foundation in chemistry and physics through both classroom lectures and laboratory experiments.

The focus of Laurier’s Chemistry and Physics program is on the chemical and physical properties of materials at the bulk scale (where dimensions are effectively infinite) and at the nanoscale (where dimensions are 1 to 100 nanometers).

At the bulk scale, classical mechanics can generally be used to describe the material. However, at the nanoscale, quantum effects can be very important and the properties of the material can be very different. For example, whereas bulk gold is inert, gold nanoparticles have been shown to catalyse a variety of chemical reactions.

Your materials science and quantum mechanics courses (and nanoscience courses) in both chemistry and physics will provide you with a unique skill set which will enable you to understand the properties of existing materials and which will give you the ability to design new materials with unique mechanical, optical, electronic or magnetic properties, which could have applications not only in chemistry and physics but also in disciplines as varied as computing and medicine.

Careers in Chemistry and Physics

A degree in Chemistry and Physics from Laurier is excellent preparation for a wide variety of jobs in industry ranging from soil remediation to microchip fabrication.

This program is also an excellent starting place for further education at medical, dental or pharmaceutical schools, or for pursuing graduate work in chemistry and physics or other related disciplines.

"It's interesting to see how the two disciplines complement each other. For example, I found that having taken the Thermodynamics and Waves course helped me better understand material in the Physical Chemistry course. And taking the Analytical Chemistry course helped me improve my understanding of some of the concepts I learned in previous Physics labs."

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