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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Patricia Sofroniuc (BA '14)

"My four years at Laurier were the best of my life. I met so many wonderful students who became close friends and teachers who became mentors. This wonderful program opened my eyes to so many issues and languages. It gave me confidence I never thought was possible and a belief I never thought I would have in myself.

"In second year, I started as an instructional assistant for Italian and in third year, I started as a lab monitor for Spanish, French and Italian. My advice to all is to get involved in what you can! The Languages program has opened doors I never thought I could unlock."

Evelyn Barragan (BA '18)

"I really enjoyed the exchange opportunities this program offers to interact with French, German and Spanish natives. This program gives a professional opportunities in Canada to the many immigrants who speak more than one language. I love Laurier, and I want to thank all the professors that showed me that as an immigrant, there is hope in this country."

Andrea Hadland (BA '16)

"I loved that the classes were smaller and that the professors knew my name. Each professor was welcoming and supportive and wanted me to succeed. This program is incredible. Studying three languages... you can't beat it! The flexibility in course choices and the amazing professors make this program outstanding.

"The Languages program allowed me to build skills speaking and writing in French which allowed me to get my Bachelor of Education with French as my teachable subject. The program prepared me immensely for this!"

Jessica Schuetze (BA '19)

"Almost every professor at Laurier is a great professor. I enjoyed learning about language, culture, books and music of other countries. If you love they love languages as much as I do, you have the opportunity to discover a few different ones in this program."

Natalia Zakrzewski (BA '19)

"My favourite aspect of the Languages and Literatures program would have to be how tight-knit of a community we are. Once you take one language course, you'll be sure to know at least one person (if not many) in the next course you take. I also quite enjoy how friendly and approachable each of the professors and staff members are in our department. Even if you haven't had a course with a specific professor, you eventually come to know each other regardless, through some sort of social event in the lovely Language Lounge.

"This program allows for smaller class sizes and stronger connections to be formed between the students and their professors. There is a smooth transition from the language courses in high school to the languages courses offered at Laurier. As well as for those who are eager to learn a second language but have no experience with it, this program offers great introductory courses!"

Mali Fatima (BA '14)

"This program is home to the most dedicated educators and extremely professional people ever. They cared very deeply about their students learning and well-being, which is something that every educator should do. It's because of these fine educators that I am now a teacher. My professors taught me how to be an educator and some professors taught me how not to be an educator.

"Every young person needs a role model who can help them learn and grow. My professors were those role models for me. I have had the privilege of being with the best professors.

"My time at Laurier was the best four years of my life! I would not change those four years for a thing! Loved my program and loved my professors!"

Sydney Officer (BA '17)

"It is so important to learn another language, especially in today’s day and age. This degree opens the doors for so many opportunities in so many fields as employers are now seeing the importance of bilingualism. I was able to spend my third year on exchange in France, practicing what I learned in the classroom and applying it in real life. And after your studies, you'll be able to say you studied and can speak three languages. There are not many people who can say that!

"Other universities have languages, but there are not many with a degree like the one at Laurier. It's truly special.

"Working in customer service, my degree in Languages has helped me in my daily work life. I am able to communicate with French, Spanish and Italian speakers, something I wouldn't be able to do without this program.

"I am forever grateful that I chose to go to Laurier. I made so many memories during my time there. Laurier provided endless opportunities for their students to get involved in anything they're interested in. Laurier and my program have helped shaped who I have become. Laurier will always be my home away from home and I will always be grateful for everything this school has done and continues to do for me."

Janalee Ferreira (BA '12)

"In June of 2012 I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and French, and have never looked back since. In April, two days after my last undergraduate exam, I moved to Peru to teach English. Speaking French and Spanish has opened many doors for me, both in my career as a teacher, and as a human being to many amazing relationships. My next move will be to New York or Venezuela to teach French and English. And after that, who knows? As a Languages and Literatures student, your options are limitless and nothing is impossible."

Brittany Howlett (BA '08)

"I graduated from BA in Languages at Laurier in 2008. Since then, I worked as an English language assistant at a lycée in Nancy, France, and completed my MSc in English Language at the University of Edinburgh last year. Currently, I am working as the bilingual Resources Coordinator at CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange), a national HIV and hepatitis C organization based in Toronto. I get to use my French skills everyday as an essential part of my job! I loved my time at Laurier and miss it and the languages department very much! Taking languages as a degree was the most valuable thing I did – it has opened up so many opportunities for me!"

Steven Parker (BA '11)

"The Languages program at Laurier taught me not only how to communicate in other languages, it also taught me world history, culture, and politics through first-hand sources. It kindled in me a love for the diversity and complexity of societies, and an urge to explore and learn new things. The skills and international experience I gained through my BA l directly to internships at the Canadian Embassy in Spain and the U.S. Consulate in Toronto while pursuing my master's. And they remain invaluable in my current position as an international policy analyst with the Government of Ontario where I report on foreign policies and interact with international delegations."

Eric Maclean

"I am student studying in the Languages and Literatures faculty for Spanish, French, and Italian. I'm currently complementing my languages by doing an Erasmus exchange in a mountainous town in Northern Italy where I interact daily in Italian. I am visiting many sites that I have learned about in lectures and can hear the voice of my professors explaining the importance behind them. When I saw the Roman Colosseum in Rome, I thought immediately of my culture perspectives course, and when I visited Notre-Dame de Paris I recalled the precise details of the architecture.

"Being on Erasmus has allowed me to take skills and knowledge learned in my Languages program and apply them to real world situations. Meeting many Erasmus students from all over the world I have been able to connect with them, practice and improve my German, Portuguese, Polish, and Czech. It is a tremendous feeling to know that what I have learned in the classroom has better prepared me to see and experience the world in new perspectives, and to take initiative to travel, challenge ideas, and discover new and exciting places."


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