Course Inspiration: What Have You Been Watching?

You tell us the show you're streaming, we identify the courses to match.

Course inspiration from shows you've been streaming is back! Laurier's Student Success team checked in with the Wilfrid Laurier University community on Instagram and asked: what are you streaming?

Because of your enthusiasm, we thought it would be fun to connect your replies to the excellent variety of courses that Laurier offers. Check out some of our recommendations below.

Spreading the Laurier Love: Course Ideas

This was a fun way to showcase the range of interesting and challenging courses offered at Laurier. If you’re looking to pick a course, remember that some of these courses will require prerequisites, may only be available online, or be program- or campus-specific. Check with an academic advisor if you’re unsure or need help determining if a course fits into your program.

You may be able to find some interesting course picks while adding some pizzazz to your fall or winter schedules.

We hope our list inspires you to try new courses or simply provides ideas for the next show to snuggle up on the couch with.



  • EN245: British Literary Tradition
  • EN112: Literature and Love
  • RE103: Love and Its Myth

These courses burn for you.

How to Get Away with Murder

  • CC202: Multiple Murder
  • CC215: Murder in Canada
  • LY206: Famous Trials

As close as we can get to Criminal Law 100, or as Analise Keating likes to call it, "How to Get Away with Murder."

Dragon's Den

  • ENTR100: Introduction to Business Principles for Entrepreneurs
  • BU111: Understanding the Business Environment
  • SE300: Developing a Social Venture

There are no ridiculous valuations here.

The WB, CW Network

Gilmore Girls

  • DMJN101: Reporting and Writing for the News
  • DMJN214: Politics, Advocacy and Journalism
  • SY201: Sociology of Families

Coffee at Luke's after class, anyone?

Emily in Paris

  • FR101: Introductory French
  • CS371: Social Media and Social Life
  • BU459: Marketing and Social Networks

Perhaps we can influence you into taking one of these courses?



Peaky Blinders

  • HI110: History of Alcohol
  • CC205: Gangsters, Goodfellas and Wise Guys: North American Perspectives of Organized Crime
  • HI334: The Social and Cultural History of Modern Britain: 1900 to the Present

Intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit, my friend? 


  • KS203: Popular Culture and Ideology
  • AN241: City Life and Urban Space
  • AN341: Kinship, Marriage and Gender

Smelly Cat, Smel-ly Cat, what are they feeding you?



The Office

  • WORK100: The Future of Work
  • PS270: Social Psychology
  • BU354: Human Resource Management

(You know how Michael feels about HR.)


Breaking Bad

  • CH110: Fundamental of Chemistry
  • CC212: White Collar Crime
  • KP331: Health and Illness Across the Lifespan

Take these courses for you. You might like them. You might be good at them.


Schitt's Creek

  • SY101: Introduction to Sociology
  • AN200: Theories of Culture
  • BU421: Managing the Family Enterprise

Ew, David.

Grey's Anatomy

  • HS102: An Introduction to Public Health
  • KP221: Functional Human Anatomy
  • HE302: Introduction to Immunology

Hope you've found your person at Laurier!


  • RE104: Evil and Its Symbols
  • PP209: Philosophy of Religion
  • RE220: Religion and Popular Culture

Tell us, what elective is it that you truly desire? 

USA Network


  • LY205: Criminal Law in Canada
  • BU231: Business Law
  • OL365: Influence and Persuasion

We suggest you get a law degree before practicing law.

Gossip Girl

  • CS371: Social Media and Social Life
  • CS325: Digital Media and Culture
  • EM203: Learning in 280 Characters or Less


CW Network



  • CC304: Addiction and Crime
  • PS268: Drugs and Behaviour
  • SY218: Constructions of Deviance

Glittery Euphoria-inspired makeup tutorials, anyone?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • LY100: Intro to Law and Society
  • CC102: Criminal Justice System
  • CC291: Introduction to Policing

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt. 


The Last Dance

  • CS205: Media and Sport
  • SY211: Sociology of Sport
  • FS245: Documentary Film

"Why would I think about missing a shot I haven't taken?" 


  • PP233: Philosophy of Sex, Love and Friendship
  • EN286: Young Adult Literature
  • KS100: Studying Popular Culture

Love meets doubt. Fear meets joy. 



Inventing Anna

  • DMJN202: Cross-Media Storytelling
  • CC203: Women, Law and Crime
  • PS101: Intro to Psychology

How will anyone ever forget the line, "I do not have time for this. I do not have time for you"? 

Orange is the New Black

  • WS203: Girls, Women and Popular Culture
  • WS208: Violence Against Women
  • CC211: Restorative Justice

All problems are boring until they're your own. 

Outer Banks

  • PO232: Markets, Money and International Politics
  • EN249: Mystery and Crime Fiction
  • SOJE100: The Engaged Citizen: Social and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century

You don't have to be a pogue or a kook to register in these electives. 


  • CC311: Crime, Media and the Law
  • BU421: Managing the Family Enterprise
  • LY216: Family and Law

We unfortunately do not offer Money Laundering 101. 



Stranger Things

  • FS102: Film and the Image
  • RE349L: Christianity and Supernatural
  • MU121: History of Rock Music

This one took us into the upside down. 

The Big Bang Theory

  • AS101: Astronomy 1
  • PP226: Philosophy of Science
  • PC131: Mechanics (Physics)

These courses are outta this world. 

Prison Break

  • CC102: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • CC302: Crime and the Justice System
  • SY241: Sociology of Crime

"Keep your friends close, your enemies closer..."

13 Reasons Why

  • UU100: Mental Health Literacy
  • SY203: Sociology of Youth
  • SY231: Sociology of Suicide

"Little things matter."


  • PD303: Mental Health, Addiction and Crime
  • EN111: Literature and Crime
  • EN272: Intro to Creative Writing

We hope you "wolf" the courses we've selected for you.



Criminal Minds

  • CC100: Introduction to Criminology
  • HS103: Intro to Forensic Science
  • PS250: Forensic Psychology

We've assessed your behaviour and think your next move will be taking one of these courses.

Editor's Pick: The Boys

Did you know that it's filmed in Toronto? If you're interested in The Boys, we suggest taking:

  • RE104: Evil and its Symbols
  • KS205: Cartoons and Comics
  • GC275: Anti-Semitism, Anti-Judaism, and Judeophobia
  • EN203: Tragic Drama

We can't believe we didn't get this as an answer!

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