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March 29, 2015

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Erecting Temporary Structures

As of August 4, 2011

During the course of the academic year there is the occasional need to install a tent on our campuses for a number of University activities.

While tents are a convenient way to hold outdoor events, they also can pose a serious health and safety issue because of the way in which they are secured. If the size of the tent is 225 square metres or above, a municipal building permit will be required.

Most tents are staked into the ground with stakes about 12 or longer, however driving a stake into the ground can pose a serious safety risk due to the number of utilities and piping systems buried just below the surface on all of the Laurier campuses.

While we know the location of most of these buried services it is possible that not all have been identified. If a stake or a shovel were to hit any of these buried services, such as a high voltage cable, a serious injury or a loss of service could be the result.

In order to prevent serious injury or a loss of service we must insist on not using any mechanical means to secure tents, i.e., stakes. All tents set up on Laurier campuses must be weighted down with water barrels or other weights such as sand bags.

Any persons erecting tents should contact Mark Dettweiler, Director, Planning, Design & Construction at least a month prior to the event at ext. 6310 or