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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
April 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Part-Time Instructors (Contract Academic Staff/CAS)



Office Hours:  Please check your course syllabus for your instructor's contact information.

 PTAC Faculty Members 2013-14

Dr. P. Bryden (Chair), Kinesiology & Physical Education  

Dr. Jennifer Robertson-Wilson, Kinesiology & Physical Edcation

Dr. Jill Tracey, Kinesiology & Physical Education/ Health Sciences  


CAS Fall 2013

Adam Jongsma (KP 101 Soccer)

Derek Humphreys (KP104 Rugby) 

Denise Davis-Gains (KP108 Yoga) 

Marlene Schilling (KP111 Gymnastics)

Eric Bombardier (KP112 Physical Fitness)

Amy Hackney (KP113 Volleyball)

Don Smith (KP114 Badminton)

Andrea Cross (KP116 Co-operative Games)

Gary Crossley ( KP118 Strength Training, KP300 Principles of Coaching Theory)

Dr. Amy Gayman ( KP410 Psychology of Physical Activity)

Dr. Adam Metherel ( KP422 Physiology of Exercise)

Chad Lebold (KP323 Human Growth & Development)

Sheila Forler-Bauman ( KP421 Seminar in Athletic Injuries)

Zach Weston ( KP324  Fitness Assessment, Lab 1& Lab 2)


WLUFA Part-time Collective Agreement 2010-2013

Assessment of CAS Candidates: Appendix H: Article 13.5.1