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August 27, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Ontario Trillium Scholarships

The Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS) program is a significant initiative to attract more of the best qualified international students to Ontario for PhD studies. The OTS are to be awarded to international PhD recipients for a maximum of four years. Awards are to be automatically awarded to the student for each of the three years following the first year provided the student maintains good academic standing and continues to meet recipient eligibility requirements.

Each OTS is valued at $40,000 annually and is renewable for an additional three years.

Wilfrid Laurier University awards two Ontario Trillium Scholarships each year to outstanding qualified international applicants.

Eligible doctoral applicants who wish to apply for the OTS must

  1. complete the application for admission and assemble their application package;
  2. complete Part 1 of the OTS application;
  3. submit the OTS application (with Part 1 completed), with their application for admission to graduate studies at Laurier, to their intended graduate program at Laurier by the deadline specified on the Application Checklist. 

Click here to retrieve the application.

Eligibility Criteria
  • recipients must be international students who hold a valid Canadian study permit (should an OTS recipient obtain permanent residency status, s/he will continue to be eligible for the OTS for the balance of his/her renewable OTS for a total of four years);
  • recipients must be intending to pursue full-time graduate studies at the doctoral level in a degree granting program;
  • recipients must have achieved a first-class average in each of the two years of full-time study prior to being awarded the OTS;
  • recipients must not be currently studying at an Ontario postsecondary institution at the undergraduate or graduate level;
  • recipients must not have concurrently accepted a scholarship from NSERC (ie. IPS) or OGS and must not concurrently be receiving significant external sponsorships (ie. in excess of $10,000)
  • recipients who withdraw, transfer to part-time status or fail to complete the term without prior consultation with the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office may be required to repay the award.
Application Procedures

Please read the instructions carefully:

This application has 3 parts.

  1. Part 1 (to be completed by the applicant) is three (3) pages in length and must be completed and signed by the applicant, and submitted to the applicant's intended home academic unit along with the application for admission.
  2. Part 2 (to be completed by the prospective doctoral dissertation advisor) is one (1) page in length. The applicant must contact the intended doctoral dissertation advisor to request the completion of Part 2 by no later than January 15. The doctoral advisor must submit the completed Part 2 to the Graduate Co-ordinator for the academic unit by February 15.
  3. Part 3 (to be completed by the program graduate co-ordinator) is one (1) page in length and must be completed and signed by the Graduate Co-ordinator of the intended home academic unit’s Graduate Committee.

All 3 parts must be completed and submitted to the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies with the recommendation to admit the student to the graduate program by no later than March 1.

Obtain application here.

Selection Procedures

The Graduate Awards Committee will review applications for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship and communicate its recommendations to the Dean of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.