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December 20, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Dean's Graduate Scholarship

The Dean's Graduate Scholarship is awarded to students in research-intensive master's programs who hold a major external award (i.e., CIHR, NSERC, OGS or SSHRC). This Scholarship, coupled with a Teaching Assistantship, comprises a maximum $12,000 top-up funding package to such eligible students (held in addition to the external award, renewable each year such an award is held).

Terms and Conditions of Dean's Graduate Scholarship

The Dean's Scholarship is conditional on registering as a full-time student and on maintaining a full-time courseload, as defined by the department, during the term in which the scholarship is held.

Scholarships are awarded for registration in the program indicated and are not transferrable from one program to another.

Scholarship funds will be credited to student accounts in equal instalments for the academic year in which the external award is held, regardless of when the external award commences. Upon written request to the Business Office, a credit balance will be refunded by direct deposit, no earlier than one week following the last day for a late registration for the term.

Students who withdraw from the program during the term will be required to repay a pro-rated portion of their scholarship.