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April 1, 2015

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Current Graduate Students

This site contains information relevant to you as a Laurier graduate student.


Information about course enrollment and registration >>>

Funding and Awards

Financial information for students including employment earnings, internal funding and external research scholarship opportunities >>>

Tuition and Fees

For a full breakdown of graduate tuition and fees >>>

University Policies and Procedures

An overview of responsibilities, policies and procedures pertaining to graduate education at Laurier including degree time limits and student appeals >>>

Academic and Related Dates

A calendar of all important academic and related dates >>>

Oral Examinations (Thesis/Dissertation)

Information about oral examination procedures and final submission >>>

ASPIRE - Skill training and professionalization

A professional skills development training program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Laurier with the aim of setting them on the path for post-degree success >>>

Apply to Graduate

Application to graduate as well as deadlines and fees >>>

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar indicates policies, regulations, program information and fees for the current academic year for graduate students >>>

Student Services

Links to various student support services available to Laurier Graduate Students >>>

Graduate Studentsí Association

The Graduate Studentsí Association is the student government representative of all graduate† students at Laurier.† The GSA also administers your health and dental plan >>>

FGPS Bulletin

Links to the current and previous issues of Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' biweekly e-bulletin. The bulletin includes notices for funding opportunities, important dates and events which may be of interest to graduate students, faculty and staff >>>

Program Links and Contact Information

The list of program websites and contact information for all Laurier graduate programs†>>>