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July 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence



Q – What proportion of my degree has to have a research component for me to be eligible to compete?
A – You are eligible to compete if your degree involves a thesis or dissertation. If your program requires a major research paper rather than a thesis, you are not eligible.

Q – I was a student at the time of my competition at my university, but will graduate before the Ontario competition. Am I eligible to enter?
A – Yes. If you are eligible at the time of your university’s competition, you will remain eligible for the Ontario competition, regardless of your program status.

Q – I have participated in the 3MT before. Can I participate more than once?
A – As long as you didn’t win your University final you are welcome to enter again.

Q – Can I present my oration via Skype?
A – No, you must be present in-person the day of the competition.

Q – Can I present my oration as a poem, rap or song?
A – No, 3MT is primarily about developing students’ oration skills.

Q – Can I use a laser pointer?
A – Yes, a laser pointer is not considered a prop. However, the emphasis is on the oration.

Q – Does my slide have to be in Power-Point?
A – No, however it is the preferred format as all slides will be collated into a single PowerPoint presentation for the competition.

Q – How many transitions or animations can I have in my slide?
A – None, the slide must be static and not change in any way during the presentation. Your slide must be displayed for the duration of your presentation.