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July 29, 2014
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Curriculum Change Information

Faculty of Arts Curriculum Submissions

All Faculty of Arts curriculum changes must go through a series of steps:

1 – Submission to the Dean’s office
2 – Discussion and approval by the Arts Curriculum Committee
3 – Discussion and approval by Arts Divisional Council
4 – Discussion and approval by the Senate Academic Planning Committee
5 – Discussion and approval by Senate

The Associate Dean of Arts: Research and Curriculum chairs the Curriculum Committee and is the point person for the internal Arts process. An Academic Advisor in the Dean’s office works closely with the Associate Dean on the submissions.

Curriculum submissions must be presented on standardized university templates, which are provided by Laurier’s Quality Assurance Office. These templates and corresponding information can be found here:

The 2013-2014 Academic Year

Faculty contacts: Michel Desjardins (Associate Dean) and Crystal Shadwell (Academic Advisor).

Submission deadlines (email attachments), sent to both Michel and Crystal, due:

September 27, 2013 Right_arrow.PNG October 18 Curriculum Committee meeting Right_arrow.PNG January 13 Senate

November 1, 2013 Right_arrow.PNG November 22 Curriculum Committee meeting Right_arrow.PNG February 5 Senate

January 17, 2014 Right_arrow.PNG February 7 Curriculum Committee meeting Right_arrow.PNG April 15 Senate

February 14, 2014 Right_arrow.PNG March 7 Curriculum Committee meeting Right_arrow.PNG May 28 Senate

Please note:

1 – If you are planning changes that affect first-year offerings, we advise you to aim for the September 27 deadline. Senate approval in January will allow for those changes to be included in the information disseminated to high school applicants.

2 – The last submission deadline (February 14) does not guarantee that the changes will be made to the calendar in time to reach students registering in June. The Registrar’s Office staff are typically very busy in early June, managing Convocation, so the process of inputting Senate-approved curriculum changes to the online calendar could take until the end of June.

3 – You are strongly advised to consult with Michel as soon as possible on any significant curriculum changes you are thinking of making. The earlier you consult, the more likely your changes will meet with the Curriculum Committee’s approval.

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