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September 17, 2014
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Aboriginal Students

Student Writing Circle

The Student Writing Circle is designed to support aboriginal students by identifying and addressing their writing needs in a traditional circle format. The Circle will meet every three weeks during fall 2013, on Thursday mornings from 10-12. Each session will include a greeting/song, instruction on a specific writing issue, and opportunities to write and receive feedback from other members of the group and the Circle leaders.

Leaders: Seth Adema (Writing Centre graduate student tutor) and Melissa Ireland (Aboriginal Student Centre)

The Writing Circle will meet on the following dates:

Thursday January 16,  2-4pm

Thursday January 30,  2-4pm

Thursday February 13,  2-4pm

Thursday February 27,  2-4pm

Thursday March 13,  2-4pm

Graduate Student Writing Support - MSW-Aboriginal Field of Study Program

A series of afternoon workshops is offered in conjunction with the Indigenous Research Methodologies course, taught by Dr. Kathy Absolon in fall 2013.  Five workshops are scheduled to build students' writing skills by reflecting upon their own knowledge-making processes and connections to traditional story-telling. The workshops begin Tuesday, September 17, 2013 from 1-3 pm and are available to all MSW-AFS students. Workshops will take place in the Circle Room at the Kitchener Campus.

Individual Conferences

Aboriginal students are encouraged to make appointments at the writing centre, either in person (at DAWB 1-102) or by using our online appointment request form. To build a relationship with one tutor on an ongoing basis, you are welcome to specify this when you book your appointment. The Writing Centre also supports the work of Murielle Michaud, a doctoral student from the Faculty of Arts, who provides writing support at the Aboriginal Student Centre.

Additional Resources

Indigenous Foundations at the University of British Columbia is an accessible resource for learning about Aboriginal politics, cultures, and histories.