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October 23, 2014
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Elective Course Outlines

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Course outlines are the most recent outlines available and may not reflect the current term content.

 Course Number and Title  Instructor  Term
 SK608 Community Capacity Building  D'Arcy Farlow (W14)  W14
 SK620 Marital and Couple Counselling    W14
 SK632(A) Crisis Intervention  Eliana Suarez  W14
 SK632(B) Entrpreneurship For Social Workers  Tracey Robertson  W14
 SK632(C) Health and Mental Health  Magnus Mfoafo-M'Carthy  W14
 SK632(U) Addictions: Assessment and Treatment  Stephanie Baker  W14
 SK632(V) Race, Crime and Gender (IO)  Shoshana Pollack  S14
 SK652 Adv. Social Work Practice w/Families  Deena Mandell  W14
 SK656 Death, Dying and Bereavement   Cheryl-Anne Cait  W14
 SK658 Social Work Practice w/Older Adults  Sandra Campbell  W14
 SK665 Critical Indigenous Issues  Gale Cyr  W14
 SK666 Alternative Social Work Interventions  Peter Dunn  W14
 SK667 Play Therapy  Nancy Riedel Bowers  W14
 SK668 (1)(2) Social Work Practice with Survivors of Trauma  Gillian Wells  W14
 SK695 Poverty in Canada and its Implications for Social Work  Peter Dunn  W14