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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
July 24, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Undergraduate Chemistry Students


Dr. Hind Al-Abadleh
Environmental physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces commonly
found in atmospheric and soil environments, in addition to the
application of nano-sized materials to environmental remediation and
emissions control.





Dr. Dimitri Goussev
NMR Spectroscopy. Transition Metal Complexes. Organometallic Chemistry.





Dr. Ian Hamilton
Theoretical calculations on structure and dynamics of molecules and clusters of interest in environmental, atmospheric, and combustion science.





Dr. Masoud Jelokhani-Niaraki (Chair)
Physical Biochemistry. Peptide Synthesis. Membrane-interacting Peptides and Proteins.





Dr. Vladimir Kitaev
Chiral nanoparticles and their self-assembly into nanocomposites for applications in sensors and enantioselective catalysis. Metallodielectric nanoparticles and composite materials for various optical applications.





Dr. R. John Kominar
High resolution capillary column gas chromatography; applications and methods of development. Analysis of environmental samples using atomic absorption spectroscopy.





Dr. Stephen MacNeil
Synthetic organic chemistry.  Preparation and applications of novel quaternary ammonium salts.  Synthesis of condensed aromatic and heteroaromatic system.



Dr. Scott Smith
Application and development of analytical methods for metal speciation in natural aqueous systems.





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