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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
April 18, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Information for Faculty

Information for Part-time (CAS) Faculty

Part-time Appointment Committee Members, July 2013-June 2014:

  • Dr. Ute Lischke (Chair)
  • Dr. Eleanor Ty
  • Dr. Markus Poetzsch
  • Drs. Maria DiCenzo and Russell Kilbourn (alternates)

Contract Academic Staff Assessment Form (Appendix H)

Contract Academic Staff Roster Application Form

Successful Candidates

Sprummer 2014:
EN 119OC1 -John Corr
EN 201OC1 - Annette Abma
EN 201OC4 - Annette Abma
EN 233OC1 - Andrew Bretz
EN 246OC1 - Annette Abma
EN 209v - Don Moore
EN 249 - Bruce Wyse
EN 325 - Michele Kramer
FS 241 -Glen Norton

Fall 2014:


Winter 2015: