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February 5, 2016

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About the Department

Welcome to the Department of English and Film Studies. Our department is composed of21 full time faculty members and a smaller number of contract academic staff. Each year, we are home to about 700 undergraduate students working towards their Honours, combined Honours, Major, or Minor in English and/ or Film Studies degrees; and to about 30 graduate students, working at the PhDand Master's levels.

The English program offers students a chance to explore British, American, Canadian, and other literatures from the Medieval period to the present. In keeping with the lively and vibrant developments in English studies, our undergraduate courses are organized in various ways: according to historical periods, nationalities, genres, themes, and theoretical issues. Graduate courses, taught by scholars who are internationally-known researchers, are offered in a wide range of fields and topics. We are particularly strong in these areas: Gender and Genre; Early Modern; Canadian, Postcolonial, andTwentieth-Century Culture, Literature, and Film.

The emphasis of the Film Studies program is on reading film as narrative and as text. Students are introduced to a variety of films from Europe, Britain, Canada and the U.S.; to different film genres; to the history of cinema from the silent movies on; and to current film theories. Courses in both English and Film Studies develop students' ability to read and write, perform critical analyses, respond to works in their socio - cultural and historical contexts, as well as provide a solid grounding in literary or film studies.

The Department offers a Master of Arts in Gender, Nation, and Media which can be completed in 8-12 months. We also have a PhD program in English and Film Studies where students can focus on literature and/ or film. Our programs emphasize issues of representation, narrative styles, genres, and culture in a global context.