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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
February 7, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Admission Requirements

Two-Year Program

1. A completed four-year honours undergraduate degree in music or an allied degree (e.g., psychology), with at least a B (73-76) standing in the final academic year. With an allied degree that is not music, evidence of advanced musical skills and musicianship.

2. Evidence of relevant paid and/or voluntary experience with vulnerable persons (special needs).

3. Students who do not hold a degree in music may be required to take music theory and aural skills tests (equivalent in level to a second-year honours undergraduate music course).

4. Evidence of advanced musical qualifications, including ability to perform at a minimum Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and improvise on their major instrument.

5. Piano competency abilities at a minimum Grade 6 RCM level (for applicants whose major instrument is not piano).

6. Successful completion of three (3) psychology courses: Introduction to Psychology, one (1) Developmental psychology course and Abnormal Psychology.

Students considered for admission on the basis of the complete application package will be contacted by February 20, 2014 to establish a date and time for an individual audition and interview. The audition and interview takes place on-campus or via SKYPE (for international and out of province students)

For further questions contact Dr. Carolyn Arnason, Master of Music Therapy Coordinator and Graduate Officer.