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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
July 24, 2014
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Bachelor of Music: Comprehensive

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This program is designed to allow students to gain an excellent well-rounded musical education with freedom to choose electives in a variety of subjects, both in Music and outside of Music.

In addition to the core courses required for all BMus students, students choose electives to create a program of study in accord with their specific musical interests. Students in this program study their instrument or voice for all four years, with weekly hour lessons each year. They also participate in at least one instrumental or vocal ensemble each year.

Also required are four terms of music history and theory and two terms of 20th-century music. There is elective space for as many as six credits (12 one-term courses) in subjects outside music. Students in the Comprehensive program can thus complete, within the minimum requirements of the degree, a General Major in a field in the Faculty of Arts and Science—French or Biology or Psychology, for example.

SAMPLE PROGRAM - Comprehensive Program:
This is one of the many possible program outlines for a student in the Comprehensive Program. This student is a clarinettist who is particularly interested in music theory and composition and is completing the Administration Option. Obviously, the courses chosen by a singer who is interested in conducting and languages would be different.

Year I Year II Year III Year IV
Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet
Wind Ensemble Wind Ensemble Wind Ensemble Orchestra
Theory I, II Theory III, IV Counterpoint Music from 1900-1945
Music History I Music History II, III Romantic Music Music Since 1945
Musical Skills I, II Musical Skills III, IV Contemporary Musicianship Orchestration
Introduction to Business Organization Data Processing and Information Systems Interpersonal Communication Composition I
Managerial Decision-Making and Analysis Introduction to Financial Accounting Marketing I Operations Management I
Introduction to Microeconomics Managerial Accounting Financial Management I Organizational Behavior I
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Technical Writing Business Policy I