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May 4, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Laurier Donor Supported Bursary Program

Bursary assistance is granted based on financial need, and we have a number of bursaries which have beenestablished by the generosity of our donors.

These bursaries are separate from the Laurier Tuition Bursary program. Not all eligible candidates will receive funding through the donor supported bursary program. These funds are granted to the candidates who meet all of the stated criteria for each opportunity, and demonstrate the highest financial need, based on the completion of the financial statement which is included in the online student profile.

There are bursary opportunities which are available to both full and part time students, as well as to graduate and undergraduate students. For your reference, the description(s) can be found onlineon our search engine, and this will provide specific descriptions for each opportunity (it is not possible to meet the eligibility criteria for all available donor supported bursary opportunities).

The 2016/17 General Student Profile will open inearly August.

In order to be considered for assistance through the donor bursary program, the completion of the general online student profileis required.

ONLINE STUDENT PROFILE DEADLINE: end of September 2016. Specific deadlines will be posted early summer 2016.

Recipientswill benotified by e-mail(to the WLU e-mail account), and these notifications will be sentno later than the end of February 2017. If selected, the funds will beapplied to student accounts with theBusiness Office forthe fall or winter academic term(s), as applicable. If selected as a recipient, the e-mail notification will contain specific details on the processing of the funds.

It is mandatory that the financial statement component is completed. The online student profile will contain the link to this form.

Please note that this program is separate from our Entrance Bursary, Laurier Tuition Bursary, First Generation Bursary, and Post Secondary Education and Training Bursary. It is possible to receive bursaryfunding frommore than one of these sources.