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July 26, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the appropriate question for general information on frequently asking questions about the OSAP program.

When should I apply for OSAP funding?

The sooner the better! If you will be starting school in September, submit your OSAP application as soon as possible after May 1st. You can apply on-line through the OSAP Website. To ensure that the Student Awards Office has time to process your application, students are encouraged to apply prior to June. This will allow our office to make sure that your funding is available at the start of the academic year in September (a typical OSAP application will normally take 6 weeks to process). Please note that applications with special considerations or late applications may take longer to process (8 to 10 weeks).

NOTE: You must apply AND submit your signature pages and supporting documentation (to Student Awards at the WLU-Waterloo Campus) before your OSAP processing will be complete.

If I make a mistake on my OSAP application what should I do?

Contact the Student Awards Office at as soon as possible and we will assist you with correcting your error.

My parents are not helping fund my education?

Do I need to have them complete the OSAP application?

OSAP policy states that parents' financial information is required for your application until you have been out of high school for 4 full years (approximately the time for an undergraduate degree). We will not be able to process your application without this information.

Does OSAP cover all of my educational and living costs?

Most times the answer is "no". Assistance under the program is intended to supplement the financial resources available to you (parents, spouses, summer earnings, RESP's, and other sources). You may also find that government spending guidelines are less than what you would spend on yourself.

I'm concerned about my level of debt, can I take only the grant?

If yourassessment shows that you are receiving a combination of loan(s) and grant(s), you can use the grant portion only. The easiest way to do this is to immediately repay the loan portion with the National Student Loans Centre as soon as the funding shows up in your bank account.

I need to drop a course. Will these affect my OSAP loans?

In most cases, there will be an affect to your OSAP loans if you need to drop a course. It is your responsibility to notify the Student Awards Office when this occurs so that you are assessed properly and do not fall into an overpayment situation.

Do I have to pay interest on OSAP loans?

While you are attending school full time, there is no interest charged to you as long as you notify the Student Loans Program of your status. This may be done in 2 ways: by continuing to pick up OSAP loans each academic year, or by filling out a Continuation of Interest-Free Status form available from the Ministry of Training for Colleges and Universities. This form can be processed by the Student Awards Office. Remember that it is your responsibility to notify your lending institution of your registration status each semester.

When do I start paying back my loans?

You are responsible for repaying your loans 6 months after you have completed your studies or have stopped being a full time student. It's important to remember that interest on your loans builds as soon as you stop being a full time student.

What is OSAP Academic Progress?

OSAP requires that a student will successfully complete the academic requirements of their program of study. These terms are different than the regulations required by the University. Frequent drops, withdrawals and/or repeated courses that are funding through OSAP may be considered lack of academic progress. OSAP academic progression requires that a student maintains grades of "D" or better in at least 3 courses each term that is funded through OSAP (requirements for students identified as permanently disabled on their OSAP applications are 2 courses each term). Students who fail to meet this requirement will be placed on OSAP Academic Probation. If you have been placed on OSAP Academic Probation, you will need to write a letter to the Student Awards Office outlining what methods you will use to raise your marks in future terms.

What happens if I do not meet the OSAP grade requirement?

After the second term of not achieving a "D" or better in at least 3 courses, students will be placed on OSAP Academic Restriction. This means that the student will not be eligible to reapply for OSAP funding for1 full year. Students should contact the Student Awards Office for further direction (