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June 26, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Returning Students

Arenewal form can be submitted online on the OSAP website; you will need your OAN (OSAP Access Number) and password to access your account information. If you need to reset your password or retrieve your OAN, this can only be done in person at a college or university in Ontario that has access to the Ministry system. You will need to provide a form of photo I.D. as well as your social insurance card or official document from Canada Revenue Agency in order to reset this number.

Paper applications can be downloaded from the OSAP website. These completed applications should be forwarded to the Student Awards office at the school where you will be attending.

OSAP Academic Progress Requirements:

Students are required to receive grades of D or better in 3 or more courses each term funded by the OSAP program in order to maintain eligibility to the OSAP program. If these requirement are not met, a student will be placed on OSAP probation status and will be required to write a letter explaining their academic challenges. If a student failed to meet this requirement after a second term, they will be restricted from receiving OSAP for a period of one year.