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September 20, 2014
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Space Booking Request Forms

*Please be advised: Due to high volume, booking requests must be received by Service Laurier Brantford (at a minimum) two business days prior to the event. This time will ensure that an adequate space is reserved and all pertinent details are recorded.  Should your request be submitted less than two business days preceding the event date, Service Laurier cannot guarantee reservation of a space. Please refrain from submitting your booking until the details of your meeting/event have been finalized. Thank you for your understanding.

In order to assist individuals in booking appropriate spaces on the Brantford campus, Registrarial Services and Service Laurier Brantford (SLB) have developed a complete list of available spaces on campus, including information regarding room capacity, A/V equipment and other details.  That document is available online here.

SLB invites individuals booking space on campus to consult the list of available spaces, and request specific spaces if a room/building is preferred. However, SLB cannot guarantee the availability of the room requested and may suggest an alternate room with similar features. If you have flexibility in the date/time of the booking, SLB can provide alternative times when the room may be available.

Before completing a space booking form, please take the time to consider whether the space you require is for a meeting or a function/event.


A meeting is a gathering of two or more people for the purpose of sharing information, making decisions or reaching an agreement.  Examples of meetings include: staff meetings, club and committee meetings, workshops, training and small presentations.

If the space you require if for a meeting, complete the form found online here.

Functions & Events:

A function or event is any planned celebratory or ceremonious social gathering or activity.  Examples of functions and events include: book launches, lectures, receptions, building openings, dinners, award presentations and reunions.

If the space you require is for a function or event, complete the form found online here.  

Please indicate if you need technology (screen/projector etc.), even if it is normally already in the location you are requesting when filling out the form.

EXTERNAL USERS: please email for any type of Laurier Brantford room booking.