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November 23, 2014

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

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Application Process

How do I apply to Laurier?

Students who are currently enrolled in their senior year at an Ontario Secondary School should obtain an application form (OUAC 101) or PIN number (for on-line applications) from their guidance office. The OUAC 101 application form is to be completed and submitted to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) through your Secondary School.

Final and mid-term marks are collected on a regular basis by the OUAC from each Secondary School between January and August. These grades are then distributed to the Universities. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis as the appropriate grade information becomes available.

Please Note: If applicants wish to be considered on final marks, they should notify our office directly. Offers of Admission based on final grades will only be issued if space permits.

In order to maintain their Offer of Admission, applicantsmust fulfill the requirements set by their secondary school principal for completion of the OSSD/OSSas well as all conditions outlined on their Offer of Admission prior to June 30.

Note: The University reserves the right to withdraw its Offer of Admission if these requirements are not completely satisfied.

Special Case/Extenuating Circumstances

If you have recently experienced any health or personal problems which you believe have adversely affected your ability to achieve the academic standing you would normally have expected, please submit a separate letter explaining the circumstances, as well as third party supporting documentation.

If you are currently attending a secondary school, it would be advisable for you to discuss having a school guidance official make a submission on your behalf.

Please make arrangements to have this documentation sent directly to the Admissions Office by April 13, 2015

As this is a different review process from the Applicant Background Summary (ABS) form, should you choose to submit the electronic ABS form, please do not include information about special case/extenuating circumstances. This should be submitted by mail separately.

Special Needs

What if I have special needs?

The university extends fair and empathetic consideration to applicants with documented mobility, hearing, visual, learning, medical, chronic pain, acquired brain injuries and psychological/psychiatric disabilities. Careful reviews will be made on a case-by-case basis during the process of evaluating eligibility for admission.

Studentswith learning disabilities, ADHD, or acquired brain injury should be prepared to provide current (within the last 2 years) psycho-educational or neuro-psychological documentation. Students with sensory, mobility or medical disabilities should provide current medical documentation of the condition.

Applicants whose May average falls within 5 percent of the established cut-off (determined in May) for theirprogram, and provide supporting documentation, will be considered by the appropriate Admissions Committee on an individual basis.

Please make arrangements to have official documentation sent directly to the Admissions Office by April 13, 2015

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Applicant Background Summary (ABS) Form

How is my Applicant Background Summary (ABS) Form used?

This optional electronic form is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to present extra-curricular information which will be considered by the appropriate Admissions Committee, should the applicant's mid-term (May) average fall within 3% of the determined program-specific admission average and have met the pre-requisites (for their highest ranked program only). The ABS form is available at our ONLINE VIEWING site for all Ontario High School applicants,except those applying to the Honours Bachelor of Music program, as additional information will be collected through the audition process.

Submission deadline is April 13, 2015

Please note:

  1. If you have extenuating circumstances or special needs information you would like to have taken into consideration by the appropriate Admissions Committee, please send it to us separately from the ABS form. Special Needs/Special Circumstances documentation is due in the Admissions Office by April 13, 2015
Does it matter if I rank Laurier 1st, 2nd, 3rd or greater?

Your choice in ranking Laurier as an institution does not have an effect on how your application is processed.

What if I apply to multiple programs at Laurier?

Laurier is only able to issue one Offer of Admission to each applicant, therefore, if you receive an offer of admission it will automatically void your other Laurier program requests.

Please be sure to list your choices in order of priority. If you've applied to multiple programs at Laurier and qualify for the first program listed, we will not proceed with further assessments.

Does Laurier have an automatic Alternate Offer Process?

Yes, ifyou are not eligible for admission to the program to whichyou have applied, Laurier willautomaticallyassess youfor an alternate program; you do not need to submit an additional application. See our Alternate Offer Chart for more info.

How will I know if Laurier has received my application?

Students who apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre can expect to receive a confirmation email from the Admissions Office within 5 business days. This email will contain your Laurier student identification number and information on how to track the status of your application through Online Viewing.

This email, and any subsequent emails up until the time of admission, are sent to the email address provided to the OUAC upon application. Students are advised to keep this information current and to be aware that web based email providers may identify these emails as spam and subsequently place them in your junk folder and then delete them. Please try to provide a reliable address that you will check regularly. If you have to change your email address, please do so by amending your application through the OUAC (for your privacy, we will not make these updates without it coming through the OUAC - this allows us to verify that you changed it using your password).

Will I be disadvantaged if I take a year off before applying?

No, applicants who elect to take a year off after high school and apply for admission the following year on an OUAC 105 application form are not at a disadvantage and may in fact be at an advantage, in that they may receive an earlier admission decision than those students who have course work currently in progress.

All 105 applicants are assessed individually upon receipt of their application and official transcript(s). As they have completed studies the previous year and can provide an official final transcript earlier than grades are available for 101 applicants, an earlier admission decision is possible. Students who feel their average may not be sufficient for admission into their program of choice, may elect to return to high school for further upgrading.

Can I defer my first-year admission for one year?

Wilfrid Laurier University understands that circumstances may arise, preventing you from enrolling for the term specified on your offer of admission. In such cases, the University recognizes that a deferral of admission may be warranted.


  • Deferrals will only be considered for applicants to First Year Undergraduate degree programs
  • All conditions on the original Offer of Admission must be satisfied before a deferral will be granted.
  • The deferment is only available for one academic year
  • Entrance scholarships will not be deferred. Eligibility for an entrance scholarship will be assessed for the new entry point.
  • Applicants who enrol in academic courses at another Post-Secondary Education Institute during the period of deferment will void their Offer of Admission. They will then be required to re-apply through the OUAC and disclose any new academic information
  • Applicants who return to a High School during their period of deferment must submit updated transcript
  • Deferrals are not available to students admitted to the Faculty of Music except by special permission from the Dean.

Please click on the Deferral Request Form Information for the application.

If I receive an Offer of Admission, will it be conditional?

Offers of admission will be conditional for all Ontario Secondary School (101) applicants. The conditions that must be satisfied in order to maintain the offer of admission will be printed directly on the offer of admission.

Applicants who receive an offer of admission, will receive a paper copy mailed directly to the address indicated on application. Please read your offer thoroughly and ensure you understand all conditions. If you have questions, please contact the Admissions Office.

Laurier reserves the right to amend or withdraw an Offer of Admission if conditions are not satisfied.

When can I expect to receive a response from Laurier?

The AdmissionsOffice will assess all Ontario Secondary School applicants byMay 29, 2015. Please refer to the section: Admission Timelines.

I've confirmed at another university, will I still be assessed?

Yes, Laurier will still consider your application regardless of earlier decisions on your part. Should you receive an offer from Laurier, you can still accept Laurier's offer and this will void your previous acceptance elsewhere.

When does Laurier require a response to an Offer of Admission?

Ontario Secondary School applicants who receive an offer of admission for Fall 2015 will have until June 1, 2015 to confirm their acceptance through the OUAC.The confirmation deadline will be outlined on the offer of admission.

Does Laurier round up averages?

No, Laurier does NOT round up averages.

How does Laurier treat repeated courses?

Laurier will use the highest grade acheived when assessing repeated courses. Please note, courses must be taken at a Ministry Approved school.