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August 27, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Advisory Board

Functions of the PhD & Masters Programs Advisory Board

  • Provide advice, guidance and counsel on issues most significant to achieving the strategic objectives of the Programs.
  • Assist in the development and ongoing review of the Program’s long-term objectives.
  • Endorse, communicate and advocate the Faculty’s interests to those entities that directly influence the Program’s ability to achieve its objectives.
  • Participate in helping the Program to meet its educational objectives through the ability of its members to link into professional networks.
  • Help to develop, support and promote locally, nationally and globally the Program’s reputation as a leader in post-graduate management education.

Members of the PhD & Masters Programs Advisory Board

The PhD & Masters Programs Advisory Board is comprised of faculty who have distinguished themselves in their academic careers and who are recognized leaders in their fields. They represent the School’s strengths and diversity.

2012-2013 Members

Ben Amoako-Adu (Finance)
John Banks (Policy)
Laurie Barclay (OB/HRM)
Phelim Boyle (Finance)
Ignacio Castillo (ODS)
Barry Colbert (Policy)
Nicole Coviello (Marketing)
Maria Gallego (Economics)
Tripat Gill (Marketing)
Kevin Hendricks (ODS)
Greg Irving (OB/HRM)
Robert Mathieu (Accounting)
Steffen Ziss (Economics)
Director: Hamid Noori