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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
November 24, 2015

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Major Programs of Study

The PhD in Management Program provides students with a broad management perspective.

The PhD in Management program is offered in five disciplines: Accounting; Financial Economics; Marketing; Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management; and Operations & Supply Chain Management.The program is based on an integrative and discipline supported approach to management problem solving. For example the Accounting discipline offers two areas of specialization: management accounting and financial accounting. The Financial Economics discipline builds on finance and economics. Marketing emphasizes service marketing, relationship marketing and branding. Research in these areas is cross-disciplinary. Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management focuses on micro and macro processes in the management of human resources, as well as, having a strategic focus. Operations & Supply Chain Managementis supported byOperations Management, Economics and Marketing. Central to the entire program isthe development of sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analysis skills.

In preparation for the dissertation, doctoral candidates complete courses and seminars in research methods, statistics, econometrics, behavioural research, and data analysis. As well, it is important for students to have a solid foundation in management theory.TheCourse Structure (all disciplines)lists both required and field specific courses. Depending on the year, these may be offered in in different terms than aslisted.