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November 26, 2015

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Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management


The Master of Science in Management degree (MSc) program with a concentration in Organizational Behaviour (OB) and Human Resource Management (HRM) is primarily targeted at students who want to pursue a doctoral (PhD) degree with the ultimate goal of a career in either academics or industry.

The MSc degree may serve as an intermediate degree for admission to Doctoral programs, or as a terminal degree for research-based careers (e.g., wage and compensation analyst, job analyst, organizational analyst).

The research-based program provides students with a firm grounding in research methods, design, and quantitative analysis, as well as introducing students to theory and research in the broad areas of OB and HRM. In preparation for the major research paper, which serves as the capstone of the program, the MSc candidate will complete courses and seminars in research methods and statistics, in addition to content-based courses in OB and HRM. A complete list of courses can be found in the Program of Study.

The program is twelve (12) months, completed over three (3) terms beginning each Fall term. Upon degree completion, students may wish to apply to the PhD in Management Program, with concentration in the OB/HRM field. Students admitted into the PhD program will be given course credit for successfully completed courses cross-listed in both the master's and PhD programs.

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