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Recent Presentations

WLU is in the process of migrating to a new web platform. In the interim, please see my CV for the most up-to-date record of presentations:Latta CV

Locating Natures Citizens: Spaces, Scales and Networks. Presented at the XXXI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Washington, DC, May 2013.

Counter Currents: Environmental Justice and the Right to Water in Latin America. Rhoda Howard Hassman CRC in International Human Rights Lecture Series, Wilfrid Laurier University, November 14, 2012.

IIRSA y el Imaginario Geogrfico de la Ciudadana (IIRSA and the Geographical Imaginary of Citizenship). Presented to the fourth annual meeting of WATERLAT, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 22-24, 2012.

Better Management or Deeper Democracy? Towards Water Justice in Latin America. Presented to the 2012 Academic Council of the United Nations/American Society of International Law Summer Workshop, "Water, Environment and Health: Addressing Knowledge, Capacity & Governance Challenges." Wilfrid Laurier Universtiy, July 2012.

Matter, Politics and the Sacred: Insurgent Ecologies of Citizenship. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association. University of Alberta, June 2012.

Los Megaproyectos y El Conflicto Socio-Ambiental: Un Anlisis Comparativo. Presented with Jimena Sasso at the Third Annual WATERLAT International Meeting. Mexico City, October, 2011.

Generating Consent: Mega-Hydro and the Post-Neoliberal Corporation, The Case of HidroAysn. Presented at the WATERLAT International Conference. So Paulo, Brazil, October 2010.

Performance, Materiality and the Spirit of Resistance: Toward a New Water Culture in Chile. Presented at the XXIX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Toronto, Canada, October 2010.

Energy for the Nation: The Political Ecology of Corporate Super-Citizens in Chiles Hydroelectric Sector. Presented at the XXVIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2009.

Aguas Luminosas: Toward a Political Ecology of Hydroelectricity in Chile. Presented at the Annual Congress of the Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Vancouver, June 2008.

The Poetics of Meli Wixan Mapu: Land, Identity and Resistance in Contemporary Mapuche Verse. Presented at Nature Matters: Identity and the More-Than-Human in Cultural Studies of the Environment, an international conference hosted by the Canada Research Chair in Culture and Sustainability. York University, October 2007.

Traditional Authorities and Local Government: Redefining Politics in Chiles Alto Bo Bo. Presented at the XXVII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Montreal, September 2007.

Between Political Worlds: Cultures of Indigenous Citizenship in Chile's Alto Bo Bo.
Presented at Citizenship, Identity, and Social Justice, a conference hosted by the Centre for Studies in Social Justice, University of Windsor, May 17-19, 2007.

Bo Bo, River of Light: Political Cultures of Nature and Rural/Urban Transformations in Chile.
Presented as part of a special series of panels, The Country and the City Revisited, hosted by the 13thAnnual Conference of the Environmental Studies Association of Canada, YorkUniversity, May 31-June 2, 2006.

Reading Environmental Justice as Citizenship: an Arendtian Perspective.
Presented at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Political Science Association, YorkUniversity, June 1-3, 2006. [Available at]

Indigeneity, Citizenship, and the Cultural Performativity of Space in Chiles Araucana.
Presented at the 2005 Conference of the Canadian Association of Cultural Studies, University of Alberta, October 20-23, 2005.

Homeland, Eden, and the Ecological Savage: Nature in the Poetry of Chiles Nobel Laureates.
Presented at the 6th Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, University of Oregon, June 2005.

Arendtian Publics and the Politics of Nature: Reconceiving Ecological Citizenship.
Presented at the 12th Annual Conference of the Environmental Studies Association of Canada, University of WesternOntario, June 2005.

City Lights and Natures Citizens: The Case of Chiles Alto Bio Bio.
Presented at the 25th Annual Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2004.