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February 6, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Current Graduate Students

We have some talented graduate students in the History department at Laurier. Here's a list of recently completed PhDs and MAs, and ongoing research.

Current PhD students and their on going research

Seth Adema, "More than Stone and Iron: Aboriginal Prison Movements in Canada, 1958-1996." Supervisor: Susan Neylan 

Ozgur Balkilic, "Unions, State and Bosses in Turkey: the dynamics of Class Formation in the Metal Sector, 1947-1970."                   

Paul Brewer,  "The Descent of Disco: An Atlantic Trajectory." Supervisor: David Monod.

Keith Calow, “A Sickly Season: The Royal Canadian Navy and the Mainguy Commission." Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Gwenith Cross, "Midwives and the Science of Childbirth in an Age of Innovation." Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio

Alyssa Cundy, Topic: Naval Blockades of Germany during WWI. Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Allan Downey, “The Creator’s Game: A History of Lacrosse in Canada, 1840s-1990s,” Supervisor: Susan Neylan

Janice Edwards, "Mau Mau and Mississippi: A Case Study for Comparative Global History." Supervisor: Jeff Grischow

Bert Frandsen, “The Aviation Policy of the St. Laurent Government, 1949-57, with particular reference to the Royal Canadian Airforce.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Andrea Gal, "Understanding Rural Life: The 'Everyday" Consumption Practices of Ontario Farm Families, 1914-1919." Supervisor: Adam Crerar

Frank Maas, "The Leopard Main Battle Tank and Pierre Trudeau." Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Matthew Symes, “Athena’s Sportsmen: Recreational Sport, Idealized Masculinity, and the Training of Canadian Soldiers, 1939-45.” Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio

Whitney Wood, "Birth Pangs: Maternity, Medicine, and Feminine 'Delicacy' in English Canada 1870-1940." Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio 

Recently Completed PhDs

Angelo Caravaggio, “Commanding the Green Line: A Caset Study of Division Command in the Second World War.” May 2009. Supervisor: Terry Copp/Roger Sarty

Steven Connor, (BA, University of Windsor; MA & PhD Wilfrid Laurier University) “Golden Pheasants and Eastern Kings: The German Civil Adminstration in the Occupied Soviet Union, 1941-44.” Supervisor: Erich Haberer (Fall 2007) 

Gordon Greavette, “The Politics of Munitions Production in Canada, 1914-16.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty (2013) 

Tavis Harris, “Treaty is better than a Battleship: Canada, Autonomy and Interwar Naval Disarmament.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty  (2013)

Lianne Leddy, "Cold War Colonialism: The Serpent River First Nation and Uranium Mining, 1953-1988," Supervisor: Susan Neylan (2011)

Karen Priestman, “Illusion of Coexistence: The Waldorf Schools in the Third Reich, 1933-1941.” May 2009. Supervisor: Erich Haberer

Laura Quirk, “The Thompsons' Town: Family, Industry and Material Culture in Indiana, Ontario 1830-1900” Jan 2010. Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio

Jason Sager, (BA, University of Guelph; MA, Brigham Young University; PhD Wilfrid Laurier University) “Devotion and the Political: Sermon and Devotional Literature in the Reigns of Henri IV and Louis XIII, 1598-1643.” Supervisor: Peter Goddard (Tri-University Faculty Member, Guelph) (Fall 2007)

Barbara Smith, “The Rules of Engagement: German Women and British Occupiers, 1945-49.” Mar 2008. Supervisor: Erich Haberer. Degree conferred at June 2009 convocation.

Jane Whalen, “Wasting Away: Canada’s First Nations, Tuberculosis, and the Politics of Race and Health, 1882-1951.” Supervisor: Susan Neylan (2013)

Jim Wood, (BA Wilfrid Laurier University; MA University of New Brunswick; PhD Wilfrid Laurier University) “The Sense of Duty: Canadian Ideas of the Citizen Soldier, 1896-1917.”  Supervisor: Roger Sarty (Summer 2007)

Recently Completed MA Theses (since May 2007)

Kate Betts-Wilmont, “Working Italy’s Passage: The Italian Army and the Allies’ Hopes for It in the Co-belligerency, 1943-1944.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Nik Must, “The Reception of Thomas of Ireland’s Manipulus florum in Calvinist Geneva: Sex and Marriage in Jacob Stoer’s 1593 Edition.” Supervisor: Chris Nighman

Julie Redstone-Lewis, “The Creation of the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service and Its Role in Canadian Naval Intelligence and Communications, 1939-1945.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Kenneth Tam, “The Caribou Hut: Newfoundlanders Servicement and the St. John’s Home Front During the Second World War.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Recently Completed Major Research Papers (since May 2007)

Dan Brown, “Britain: and Hungary before the Peace.” Supervisor: Eva Plach

Ted Chang, “Chinese Nationalists in Sino-American Relations.” Supervisor: Blaine Chaisson

Elena Crupi, “Prescriptive Sources and Social Norms: A Comparison of Wives and Marriage in the Manipulus Florum and the Compendium Mora Notabilum.” Supervisor: Chris Nighman

Christine Leppard, “Canada’s Solider-Scholars in Sunny Italy: No 1 Canadian Field Historical Section, Nov. 1943-May 1944.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Katharine McGowan, “Each man with his carbine and steed: The Contested Identity of Lord Strathcona’s Horse in the Boer War (1899-1902).” Supervisor: John Laband

Vanessa McMakin, “Rearranged Snowdrops: The Construction of Memory of Executed Prisoners of War in Normandy, June 1944.” Supervisor: John Laband

Andrew Monroe, “Operation Red Leaf: Armenian Terrorism in Canada.” Supervisor: Gavin Brockett.

Malik Musleh, “The Dispossessing Discourse: The Palestinians in Canadian Political Discourse, 1948-73.” Supervisor: Gavin Brockett

K. Mike Smith, “The Making of Montgomery: A Case Study in the Popular Press and the Reputations of Allied Generals in the Second World War. ” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Matt Symes, “The Process of Commemoration: The Constructed Memory of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada and the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment in Normandy.” Supervisor: John Laband

Robert Thompson, “We Need You!: The Coast Artillery Corps on the Western Front, 1917-1918.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty