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February 14, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Why I Give

"I have been a part of Wilfrid Laurier University for the past 30 years and I have seen students struggling due to financial setbacks.  If I can offer a small token to put less stress on a student, I will be there for them...I choose to be there for them!"
- Debra Martz Melanson, Music Therapy Program

"To honour my late father by supporting the Parkinson's Disease research being conducted by the MDRC."
- Wendy Webb, Athletics & Recreation

"I give to a specific scholarship because it directly assists students and I have a personal connection to the person after whom the scholarship is named."
- Kevin Crowley, CPAM

"I give because I recognize how lucky I am to work for such a wonderful institution."
- Jill Bruyea, Accessible Learning Centre

"I give to the Global Studies Education Abroad Fund because I believe every Global Studies student should have the opportunity to travel abroad as a part of their degree program."
- Tim Donais, Global Studies

 "To support our wonderful students who represent our future!"
- Mary Joy Aitken, Development & Alumni Relations

"I give to make education accessible to all students."
- Lori Chalmers Morrison, CPAM

"I give because the university gave so much to me as a student and I want to make it even better for those who come after me."
- Craig Chipps, Brantford Recruitment Services

"I appreciate the opportunity to give back to the organization that has given much to me over the years."

- Wally Pirker, Institutional Research

"I give to Laurier because I believe in what we do here.  I want to help Laurier to provide academic and co-curricular opportunities for students to prepare them for the next stage of their lives."
- Janet Robinson, Development & Alumni Relations

"I give to assist in the transformation of Laurier to a more reflective campus so that learning from different experiences is enhanced."
- Mark Baetz, Retired Faculty

"I give to help our students enjoy an enriched educational experience!"
- Penny Friesen, Brantford

"I give because Laurier is important to me - I've been associated with the university since 1977!"
- Sheila McKee-Protopapas, WLUFA

"We give to give value and recognition to areas that are too often overlooked: poetry and academic writing."
- Emmy Misser, Writing Centre
- Jim Weldon, Department of English

“Laurier was a good place to work.  Students were the most important part of my husband’s life at Laurier.  I choose to give to a student bursary because that is where Ray’s heart was.”
- Doreen Koenig, Retired Staff

"I give because I think it is one way of making a difference."
- Daniel Lichti, Faculty of Music

"I give for the love of music - to help bridge budget shortfalls in an effort to keep existing programs."
- Anonymous

"I donate because it’s important to give back.  Laurier is like my 2nd home and worthy of my support.  I'm thankful for the education I received here and thankful to have a job I love.  I hope that my contributions inspire others to give as well."
- Cec Joyal, Development & Alumni Relations

“Giving back is important.  Sometimes you do need to put your money where your mouth is.”
- Mike Whitehouse, Athletics & Recreation

"I give to give more people a chance to go to Laurier!"
- Marybeth Phillips, Accessible Learning Centre

"I give back to help others achieve their goals."
- Joan Davidson – Retired Staff

"I give to Laurier, and specifically the MDRC, as I believe in its mission, vision and values.  The centre is a life-line for many people suffering from Parkinson's Disease in this community."

- Erin Almeida, Development & Alumni Relations

"I give so that I can give students an opportunity to excel in music without having to sacrifice their practice time earning their tuition."
- Kimberly Barber, Faculty of Music

"We have been a part of the Laurier community for more than 25 years.  We have received so much and are pleased to help others with their own Laurier adventure!"
- Dan Dawson, Student Services
- Sue Dawson, Parking & Transportation Resources

"I give to reinvest in my Laurier community."

- Bob Sharpe, Geography & Environmental Studies

"I give to ensure that excellent programming is still accessible when my kids are old enough to need it!"
- Tiffany Bradley, CPAM