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February 9, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Student Affairs


Laurier takes pride in its keen sense of community in which students are engaged members of society making a positive difference in the lives of those around them. From Laurierís exceptional Co-op Program opportunities to the Centre for Community Service-Learning, we encourage students to reach their academic potential, including a recreational component, while learning to lead lives of leadership and purpose.

Student Affairs offers a variety of resources and programs to help create an exceptional campus experience for Laurier students.


Mental Health Strategy - We intend to create a sustainable training program on campus for suicide awareness and prevention, mental well-being and mental illness, and awareness of some unique needs among our growing international student population.

Provide support for a team leader to co-ordinate and facilitate access to services for students with complex or acute mental health needs (either diagnosed prior to coming to university, or during their university career).

Student Scholarships - Support is needed for non-traditional students (including first-generation students, Aboriginals, mature students or newcomers to Canada).

Scholarship support is needed to provide experiential learning opportunities.

Aboriginal Student Initiatives - Support the creation of an outdoor community space featuring indigenous plants, horticulture methods and practices. This welcoming garden will provide a place of intercultural training and support co-curricular development of the whole student.

Support Aboriginal students in unforeseen financial crises. An emergency bursary fund will provide short-term assistance to students who experience unexpected and immediate financial pressures, including but not limited to unanticipated living costs, daycare and babysitting expenses, unexpected delays with First Nation band funding or government loans and other situations requiring emergency funding.

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