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October 2, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Research Opportunities

1) I am currently looking for an incoming MA student that is interested in writing a MRP or Thesis on Aboriginal self-government in the Northwest Territories.  In particular, I am willing to provide up to approximately $5000 in RA and field work support to a MA student who wants to write a MRP or thesis on the Inuvialuit Settlement Region and the governance structures that are emerging there.  Interested students should contact me asap with a letter expressing their interest and qualifications.

2) I am also interested in supporting and supervising incoming MA students that want to write a MRP or Thesis on any aspect of the intergovernmental relationship emerging between Aboriginal and local/regional governments in Canada and in other settler countries.  Interested students should contact me asap with a letter expressing their interest and qualifications.

From Dr. Rhoda Howard-Hassmann, CRC in International Human Rights:
Students admitted to the MA program for the 2013-2014 academic year are eligible to apply for a Research Assistantship for Dr. Rhoda Howard-Hassmann, Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights. Remuneration is $15,000 over three terms. Duties include the following: maintain and add to Dr. Howard-Hassmann's website on political apologies (see:; conduct research as required: major topic is state-induced famine, but other topics may arise. Qualifications, apart from admission to the program, are as follows: an A or A+ average in last two undergraduate years; two academic letters of reference attesting to applicant's suitability as a research assistant; strong interest in human rights; student must be efficient, reliable, detail-oriented, and able to work independently. Top candidates within reasonable commuting distance of Wilfrid Laurier University will be asked for a personal interview by Dr. Howard-Hassmann: otherwise, a telephone interview will be arranged. To apply, visit:

 From Dr. Jay Roy

Research Assistant Position(s) Available:

  1. This is a general call for graduate and undergraduate students interested in a research assistant position for the 2013 fall semester. Applicants must have very strong writing skills. Experience conducting literature reviews would be an asset. The position will require approximately 10 hours of work per week. Please send your CV and accompanying cover letter by email to Dr. Jason Roy: The deadline for applications is 4:00 pm, Monday September 2, 2013. 


From Dr. Kim Rygiel

I often have positions available for graduate students interested in working as an RA on either of these two projects. There may also be opportunities to support and supervise incoming MA or PhD students with overlapping research interests on aspects of the following project:

Geographies of Exclusion: Rethinking Citizenship from the Margins?: This SSHRC-funded project looks at the proliferation of migrant camps and detention centers emerging along the external borders of European countries at the three border points into Europe: Ceuta and Melilla, Edirne and Lesvos and Calais, France as these have become three politicized ?hotspots? in terms of the management of migration into Europe along the Moroccan-Spanish, Turkish-Greek and French-UK borders. The project investigates how restrictions on migrants? mobility through detention generate new forms of inequality and exclusion, but also the social response and, in particular, the growing activism of politicized groups of non-citizen migrants. 

Interested students should contact me with a letter expressing their interest and qualifications at the time of application to the program.