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April 24, 2014
Canadian Excellence


See what our students and participants have to say about our various Continuing Studies courses and programs!

Certificate in Risk Management

  • "Really enjoyed the course and the fact that one week would be in-class and the next week would be self study. It gave us the opportunity to interact with the Instructor when needed and also the time to do self-study at home. I took the Risk Assessment course through Laurier as well and it was the same course set up which I find extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend this course to anyone."
  • "The course gives a good range of knowledge that complements people in the insurance field. If you were new, it would give a great foundation to get started. The instructor is very knowledgeable and able to provide his own experience which is helps us understand actual scenarios. Instructor very clear and helpful."
  • "Course provided a good overall learning with enough depth to understand the info, and if need be afterwards I know where more info is available to do my job. Enjoyed the instructor. Had many real life examples."
  • "I liked the mixture of class and self study. The class room allows for group discussion and that's where I found it interesting. Stories from teacher and students bring real life experiences which puts content in context. Exam online is great too with quick feedback."
  • "Awesome adult instructor! He realized we all have careers and families and are not full-time students so he tailored the course to ensure we gained all the knowledge we required for this course without making it impossible. Great job!"

Interactive Script Writing for Film, Theatre and Television

  • "I was very pleased with the course - so pleased, I've signed up for the next one. The price is right and the instructor is excellent."
  • "The course is an excellent way to get good commentary and suggestions for an on-going script, and provided some good links to informative web sites."
  • "The instructor's critiques was super helpful. Gave strengths & areas to improve. I will be taking the course again to further develop the writing process."
  • "I enjoyed this course immensely and will take it again, as it is ongoing in it's application. Thanks so much for making it instructive and enjoyable."
  • "Leslie O'Dell is a fabulous instructor.  Her feedback on my submissions is wonderfully thorough and supportive of the development of my work and, more generally, my skills as a playwright and scriptwriter. I will likely take the course again and get as much out of the third time through as I got out of the first two."

Joyous Music Making: The Child and the Classroom

  • "The instructor is just amazing; such a wonderful experience!"
  • "This course was extremely useful and relevant to my interests in teaching music. The instructor was very inspirational to me as a beginning teacher and was always looking out for our best interests."
  • "The small class size was great. We all got individualized help. The instructor was brilliant - very knowledgeable and helpful. On the whole, I enjoyed the course and received a lot of helpful information to take into my music setting in the fall. Thank you."
  • "Daily work and pedagogy was excellent as were the handouts.  The instructor was thoroughly engaged in teaching a systematic approach to teaching music in the philosophy of Kodaly."
  • "I really liked how each activity was connected to a specific teaching purpose.  The lessons flowed very nicely. I really learned a lot and saw how it connected to my own teaching.  I really feel like I can use the material I learned here."

Laurier Association for Lifelong Learning (LALL)

  • "It was grand to see so much enthusiasm of the subject and so eager to share with others."
  • "Keep up the good work. I love the variety if courses offered as well as the quality of the instructors."
  • "This course more than met my expectations. The instructor is very knowledgeable & has the ability to make us go further into the subject under discussion. "
  • "Absolutely superb course. Excellent instructor, enthusiastic, knowledge of field brilliant. Course beyond expectation. Thanks. "
  • "The weeks flew by. The only disappointment was 'itís over'."
  • "Exceeded expectations in that it changed my perspective of historical events."