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Wilfrid Laurier University Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
March 29, 2015

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Training Session Descriptions

All of the training courses provided or coordinated by SHERM are listed below. If you do not see a specific training session scheduled please contact the individual indicated for that training. If youwould like to set up a specific session for your department please complete a Departmental Request Form.

Training Listed by Category

New Employee Required Training

On MyLs
- Health & Safety New Employee Orientation Training
- Laurier Worker Health & Safety Awareness Training
- Young Worker Health & Safety Orientation Training
- WHMIS Training
- Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention Training

Support Staff Specific Training

- Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness for Support Staff
- Support Staff Working in Laboratories

Manager/Supervisor Specific Training

- Laurier Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness training
- Discipline for OH&S Infractions
- OHSA & the Competent Supervisor
- WSIB and Return to Work Procedures

JHSC/AWM Specific Training

- AWM Workplace Inspection Training

General Health and Safety Training

- First Aid and CPR-B Certification
- Fork Lift Safety
- Housekeeping
- Ladder Safety
- Laurier Worker/Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness training
- Lockout/Tagout
- Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program
- Pandemic Awareness Training
- Slips, Trips and Falls
- WHMIS Training (On MyLS)

Designated/Hazardous Material Training

- Asbestos Awareness
- Designated Substances
- Mould Awareness Program
- Respiratory Protection

Ergonomic/MSD Prevention Training

- Ergonomics & MSD Prevention for Facilities Staff
- Musculoskeletal Hazards & Office Ergonomics
- Manual Material Handling

Fire/Electrical Safety Training

- BEC/EW Training
- Fire Extinguisher Training
- Fire Safety Requirements for Ignitable Liquids
- Safe Management of Electrical Appliances
- Workplace Electrical Safety Training

Laboratory Safety Training

- Compressed Gas Cylinders (Only on MyLS)
- Health & Safety Workshop for PS499
- Health & Safety Workshop for Psychology Researchers
- Instructional Assistant Workshop
- Laboratory Safety
- Nanotechnology
- Radiation Safety
- Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
- WHMIS Training (On MyLS)

Online Training

- Laurier Health & Safety Awareness Training
- Compressed Gas Cylinders
- Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention Training