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September 23, 2014
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Tuition and Fees

Fees are charged on a per term basis and are due before the start of each term. For the current due dates from the  Laurier Business Office see their website:

Fee Due Dates - Laurier Business Office.  Registration and Drop Dates are found here

Tuition fees are assessed for registered students based on actual course registration.  Fees are due regardless of whether a statement has been received.  Full account information, updated regularly, is available online by following directions on the Laurier Online Registration Information System (LORIS) at

Payment can be made online or through telephone banking, (student ID# is the account #) and at most financial institutions in Canada with the Laurier remittance form.  Payment can also be made in person at Service Laurier. Fees for courses added after the due date each term are due immediately.


Please see the following chart and select the appropriate fee schedule based on your program.

Program Tuition Fees

Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Divinity (MDiv)
Master of Theological Studies(MTS)
Diploma in Multifaith Spiritual Care (DipMSCC)General Graduate Studies(GGS)

MA MDiv MTS Dip GGS Fees 2013-2014

MA MDiv MTS Dip GGS Fees 2012-2013

Master of Theology (MTh)

MTh Fees 2013-2014

MTh Fees 2012-2013

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

DMin Fees 2013-2014

DMin Fees 2012-2013

Miscellaneous Fees

Click here for Miscellaneous Fees
Incidental and miscellaneous fees are not refundable after the final date to add courses each term.

Students dropping courses or withdrawing from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary are required to inform the Office of the Registrar by dropping the course in their student account on the LORIS system.  Non-payment of fees does not constitute a withdrawal.  The effective dates for course drops or withdrawals from the seminary will be the date such action is taken in LORIS.  The portion of refund is determined by this date.  There are no refunds for courses which are taken under the audit-course classification.

Minimum Degree Fees

In certain cases, students will enter a program with course credit transfer. In order to qualify for a degree from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, students must satisfactorily complete all course requirements including a minimum of one full-year (or its equivalent) of courses through WLS. Where students are registering only for the minimum year of required coursework, they must also pay a "Minimum Degree Fee" covering one full year of studies or its equivalent. (Doctoral program is noted exception.) The Minimum Degree Fee is exclusive of any clinical/course fees remitted by WLS on the student's behalf to SPE centres. Contact the Seminary Office for information concerning particular programs.