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Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
June 26, 2016

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General Graduate Studies in Theology

General Graduate Studies (GGS) students are interested in continuing their education at the graduate level, but do not intend to complete a degree or diploma. Once admitted as a GGS student, you may take up to three courses in up to five years without requiring a new application.

Courses undertaken as a GGS student may be applied to another program at WLS for those who later pursue an degree or diploma. Coursework completed as a GGS student will be considered in future applications, as with all other recent coursework. The GGS program may be applied to for Fall, Winter or Spring term admissions, normally for part-time admissions only.

Admission Requirements

A Bachelor's Degree with normally a minimum B average (73%) in the last ten courses from a recognized accredited University or University College is required for admission. An original transcript is required to accompany the application. Letters of reference are not required.

Application Instructions

Please visit the Application Checklist webpage for instructions on how to apply for General Graduate Studies. Supporting documents including original transcripts can be sent to the attention of the Admissions Coordinator at the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.

Your application will begin by selecting the program in an online application portal. General Graduate Studies is not listed under Waterloo Lutheran Seminary programs. Instead, find "General Graduate Studies" by following these steps:

Once you log in, click "Select programs for your application"


Then, search By Degree


Then, select "General Graduate Studies (non-degree studies)"


Finally, select "Waterloo Lutheran Seminary" from the dropdown menu, and continue steps for the application.


Note: References are not required for GGS applicants. All post-secondary transcripts are required for all applications (with the exception of students attending on Letter of Permission).

Contact the WLS Admissions Coordinator at seminary@wlu.caafter you have submitted your application so we know to expect your application materials.International Applicants should apply to a degree program and not General Graduate Studies.


January 15th for the following Fall term (September)
August 15th for the following Winter term (January)
December 15th for the following Spring term (May)