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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Registrar
October 24, 2014
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Scanning Information and Procedures


When submitting scantrons to the Scantron Office, please print, fill out, and include the
Scantron Checklist Form found here.

Scantron forms are ordered by the user through Printing & Distribution Services. The Scanning Office 
does not stock, purchase or supply optical scanner forms.
Standard format optical scanner forms currently supported are:
- F-288-PAR-L, 200 questions, 5 choices each
- WLU Teaching Evaluation form



- Optical Scan sheets are provided by the department themselves.  The Scanning Office does not carry any  forms.  Forms can be ordered through the Procurement Services.
- All exams need to use one type of form.  Different type of forms cannot be used for the same exam.  If so, it is the professorís responsibility to ensure the same type of form is submitted for one exam.
- All exams need to have an answer key (the same scan sheet used on the exam but just the answers are filled in, no ID number).  On the answer key, Professorís name, phone number, and email address.
- The scanner can have multiple responses on one answer, either:  A+B; A or B.  Please note on scantron answer sheet, if applicable.
- All sections are to be separated and clearly marked, if the professor wants individual section results.
- A count of the number of exams would be an assistance in expediting the exam process.
- Students must use an HB pencil and mark bubbles clearly.
- Students must mark last name, first name, ID number and test form letter on their answer sheet.


Cards are to be dropped off to Susan Alisat (, extension 4411.
* In Person to the Scanning Office, 202 Regina St., 2nd Floor, Office of the Registrar - Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  
* A drop off slot is also available at room R264, 202 Regina Street. Envelopes can be dropped through the mail slot on the door.
* Drop Off Slot Ė Library, first floor near circulation desk - Anytime (Look for white box, on main floor near circulation desk, with sign reading ďFACULTY DROP OFF  Please note, not for reserve reading submissions or media drop offs.Ē)

- The Scanning Office tries to have a 48-hour turnaround but it cannot be guaranteed because of fluctuation of exams coming in to be processed.  Exams are processed in order of drop off.
- Once the exams are processed, the scantron clerk will send via email the results.  These results can be further manipulated by the professor in whatever software program that person chooses.

The professor will be sent three attached files:
1.  .xls file (Excel) which contains the ID number, student name, and mark
2.  a .pdf file which contains the student response data.  It is important that the student make dark marks and fill in the answer completely on the answer sheet.  If students have not done so, the students might not receive the correct mark.  The professor can examine the file to check what the scanner processed.
3.  a .pdf file that contains statistical analyses (frequencies and statistics) on the questions.

- Originals are sent back to the professor by interoffice mail.
- There is no charge for tests, midterms, or exams for academic courses on standard forms.

 CHECKLIST (prior to sending scantron cards to be scanned):
-  Answers filled out on Key in bubbles 
-  Professorís Name written on Key
-  Professorís Email Address written on Key
-  Professorís Extension written on Key
-  Number of Exams that are being submitted written on Key
-  Test Form Letter (A, B, C, D) in bubble on the back of the Key, if applicable
-  Please include a note if there are any special instructions eg. if 2 answers marked, must students answer both, or one or the other answer; scan multiple sections together or separately
-  All Forms are front facing and optical scan marks down the left side of the page
-  Scantrons should be delivered secured by a clip, or elastic and preferably placed in an envelope
-  All Students have ID number bubbles filled out on the front of the card
-  All Students have marked the Test Form Letter off
-  You have called 4411 or emailed to arrange a time to drop the exams off. During final examination time periods the drop boxes are checked daily, but exams come in more sporadically other times of the year, so a call or email is appreciated.


Susan Alisat x4411, or Anne Snyder x6370  (general information on scanning; to make scanning arrangements.)